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Christmas Dot Marker Fun!

I have some more FREE dot marker fun for your kids! This Christmas Pack includes 4 different activities that are perfect for December! There are options for practicing numbers, letters, or sight words! If you don't have dot markers, students can use crayons or regular markers to color in the circles. Either way, they will have a blast!

Hands-On Puzzles for Little Learners

Need a simple holiday math center idea for your little learners?
You can pick up these fun, festive counting puzzles for FREE by clicking on the image above.


Working Memory Remediation Freebie

Working memory difficulties can cause students to lose materials, call out irrelevant comments, and get lost with multi-step directions.  

Working memory is a cognitive task that helps students recall, select and manipulate information to complete tasks.  It is a cognitive workspace that helps learners maintain attention, block distractions, and finish the task at hand.

Come get two working memory freebies that can help to develop this skill!
Dr. Erica Warren

Christmas Morning Work Freebie

Hey everyone! Thanksgiving has come and gone and you may be thinking of Christmas! Get ready for it by grabbing a morning work freebie! This would be great for second graders, first graders who need a challenge or third graders who could use some review. Click here or on the image below to grab it.

ABC Order Literacy Center

Free abc order center sheet from Raki's Rad Resources.


Putting words in alphabetical order is a great way to begin dictionary skills. This picture sort is a way to include even nonreaders in alphabetical orders. Students sort the pictures and can sound out the words underneath each picture. This Primary Grades ABC Order Center Sheet makes a great literacy center and can be downloaded for free from my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources

Meaningful December Bell Ringer for 2nd grade

Hi, everyone!
I know how busy this month will be, so here's my week-long set of Christmas morning work for second grade.  It's such a helpful tool for this busy month - easy, fun, yet a meaningful way to get your kids settled in during this exciting time of year. Please enjoy!

Just click on the image below.


Tally and Graph the December Fun!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Here's a set of 6 tallying and graphing activities for the coming busy month of December. This set of completed data would be an easy-to-make math bulletin board display, or a fun addition to your calendar board. There's also a cover included in the download, if you choose to turn the set into a class book.

This is a sample from the set... click {here} to download this one and 5 more!

Happy Teaching!

Christmas Activities Santa Edition

I'm looking thru my December/Winter folders as I plan activities for the weeks ahead. December is always busy with conferences and our holiday program and just the excitement of the upcoming holiday season.

It's always helpful to have some fun holiday activities to add to our regular classroom routines as we enter the month of December.

Here's a collection of fun, quick prep activities you may want to include in your holiday plans. The focus is on Santa. It's called Christmas Activities Santa Edition. These are some sample activities from the packet:

This is a great partner activity. Have your students share the words they make. Make an ongoing list that students can add to throughout the month.

This is a quick and easy craft that's perfect for bulletin board displays:

Click HERE to download the entire packet. 

Happy DECEMBER to all of you!

Fern Smith's FREE Two to A Page Letter to Send Home for Help Filling Your Treasure Box

 Fern Smith's FREE Parent Letter For Treasure Box Items
 Fern Smith's FREE Parent Letter For Treasure Box Items
My husband made my treasure box when I was in the classroom, but it didn't start out fancy, it was a simple Rubbermaid container! The children just love what's in it and getting items "IN" it can be expensive for a teacher. Send this letter home, especially before the Winter / Christmas Holiday break so families cleaning out the old stuff can donate it to your classroom.

You can download the letter here at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love the treasure box!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Gingerbread Posters

Do you do some gingerbread-themed activities during December?

If so, I think you'll enjoy these 5 parts of speech posters.

They're especially helpful for a quick, easy and fun review, before students begin their writing activities.

I have my students circle or underline the parts in their rough drafts. They enjoy using different colors for each one.

This way they can see at a glance if they need to tweak and add a few more adjectives and adverbs to bring their writing to life.
Encourage them to check the posters to make sure they've included all the parts in their dynamic and descriptive sentences.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog where the set of 5, Gingerbread-Themed Parts of Speech Posters, are today's featured FREEBIE. 

From Diane, over at

December Countdown RACK

If you are looking for a way to focus on acts of kindness, here is a countdown for you to use. Instead of the typical countdown calendar, try counting down each day by doing something special for others.
Click here or on the picture to get your copy of the signs for a bulletin board display.

For more ideas of acts of kindness or Christmas thoughts, head on over to my blog by clicking on the button to the left.


Free Tips for Being a Good Communication Partner from Susan Berkowitz, slp

Teaching a student to use AAC (augmentative-alternative communication) involves so much more than simply giving them a communication system.

Good communication partners create a positive communication environment, respond to all communication attempts, and use the child’s AAC system to communicate with them. 
There is a positive communication environment when we respond to all of a child’s communication attempts, provide support as needed, focus on positive results and successes, and find solutions to challenges. 
Even when you respond to an undesirable behavior, if you do so while also modeling how to use a correct message in the AAC system you take advantage of a communication opportunity. 

The more you practice using the AAC system, during real contexts, and increase the number of contexts in which you use the AAC system, the more automatically the child will learn to use the AAC system.

These tips and much more can be found in this free handout, which gives you lots of helpful information on how to be a good communication partner to a students who uses AAC.

Keep on talking!

Play to Learn: Free Spinners

Today I am sharing a set of printable spinners that can be used for a variety of games.  I use them to talk about probability in terms of fractions with my fourth graders.  To download the free set of spinners shown below, please visit this post at Artistry of Education. 

Artistry of Education

A Holiday Categories Game

Now that the turkey has been eaten and the pumpkin pie has disappeared, your kiddos will be thinking about the holidays. Well, put their holiday to spirit to work with this simple activity based on Hasbro's Scattergories. The goal is for the kids to name one "person, place, or thing" that fits into each of the words on the category list. The kicker is that each named word should begin with a certain letter of the alphabet. You choose the three letters for the kids and watch their brains go to work.

Just click on the picture above! When you get to where you are going, be sure to click the download button. Have fun from The Library Patch!!

My Dreidel Book

Hanukkah begins on December 6th this year. Kids love playing dreidel so I put together this fun Dreidel book. Students will learn how to play the game and and what each letter means. Think about all the great math skills students can learn.
If you would like to download this free book just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

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