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Popsicle Number and Word Recognition Math Centers
Number recognition just got a little sweeter in our classroom.  We are sending our littlest learners off
 with some review on number recognition and some number word recognition too!  We are going to use these super cute popsicle number spinners and mats in those last days of school as review and add a little learning as we wrap up the school year.  I hope you enjoy .

Worn Out Markers? Here's an Idea!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's an end of year ritual in most classrooms - go through those bins of markers and sort the good ones from those that have nothing left to give. You know the ones I mean: Palest Purple, Been-around-too-long Blue, Seen better days Scarlet, ...

I don't know about you, but to me it seems kind of sad to just throw piles of markers in the garbage. I mean, isn't there a way to recycle them?

It turns out that the answer is YES!

Head over to this post to find out about Crayola's super simple recycling program. It's a great end of year project that's productive and doable by students of any grade!

Happy Teaching!

Do Your Students Have Problems Getting Homework Turned In?

Talk about turning homework in with this fun, free activity from Looks-Like-Language!
Now, I'm not a magician and I don't promise to solve that problem for you! If I could do that, I'd be off consulting to school systems and bringing in the bucks.

What I can offer you is a fun way to talk about why that is a problem, from the perspectives of the student, the parent and the teacher.  Sometimes when students gain a better understanding of a problem and come up with their own solutions for it, they do a bit better at following through.

What do you have to lose? It is free! Have your students make the pages into a book and then fill out the worksheets. If you are a plan ahead type of person, it could be a great activity for discussing expectations at the beginning of the school year!

You can find Getting Work Done at my store!  Enjoy!

Dozens of Ways to Give Positive Dojo Points

Class Dojo is a great way to reinforce positive, successful behavior with students.  I have used it for a  few years now and it is a goldmine for classroom management. Through trial and error, I have come up with many options for giving out positive points so I would put something together to help other teachers!  Here is a  free resource with 35 ways to give positive Class Dojo points!  Click here or on the image below to download the freebie!

If you do download it, please take a moment and leave feedback. I always appreciate it!

summer learning journal

Free summer learning journal

Perfect for:
-recording daily activities
-practicing writing
-tracking summer reading
-summer calendar
-summer tutoring

Happy (summer) Teaching!!

The Day I Had It with Fidgets

We were in the middle of class meeting when a student got out Silly Putty and started pulling it into long strings.  I asked him to put it away and he responded, "But that's my fidget!"

I said, "Thank you.  You have pushed me to a place where I will now do something about fidgets."

After a little research about the purpose and misuse of fidgets, I was ready to rewrite my rules.

To read more about fidgets in my room and download a copy of my fidget rules, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Alphabet & Plastic Letters Graphic Kit

Hey there! Jen Bradshaw here from

alphabet and letter graphics kit

Alphabet / Plastic Letter Graphics Kit has just what you need to make your educational resources POP:
  • frames
  • border
  • shape frame
  • digital paper
  • task card template

Please check out my TOU (Terms of Use) policy. You may use commercially for the educational products that you sell.

To get your FREE teacher clipart, click here.

Best wishes!
Jen Bradshaw


If your little ones are learning about time, this roundup post has links to lots of free activities that are suitable from Preschool to Grade 2.

  • Analog and digital
  • To the hour, half hour, quarter hour, 5 mins and minutes
  • Clocks to make
  • Games, stories and puzzles
  • QR codes, scheduling task cards and calendars
  • YouTube videos
Pop over to Liz's Early Learning Spot to find resources that are just right for you and your kids! 

Till next time!

Free Father's Day Story Starter

Father's Day is just around the corner. Why not have your littles make something special for their dear ol' pop?

This free Father's Day Story Starter is the perfect way to let dad know how much he means. And it's easy for your little to complete. They just fill in each of the sentences on the story starter and then copy the sentences in the correct order onto their special paper just for dad.

Click HERE to download this special freebie.  I'd love to know what you think.

Fern Smith's FREE Problem Solving with Tables to Organize Data Task Cards

These task cards were made to compliment the beginning of Go Math, Third Grade, Chapter Two. However, they will work for any math series or any teacher trying to teach students how to problem solve with tables. ENJOY!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Reading, Writing & Thinking FREEBIES

Hello! JenBradshaw here from

FREE Spring Printables for Reading - Journal Prompts and Writing Paper, Foldables for Interactive Notebook, and Book Report

Looking for reading, writing, and thinking resources for the end of the year? Grab four FREE resources you don't want to be without!

FREE Reading Resources.

Best wishes!

Pirate Counting I Spy Fun

Pirate I Spy is a fun way to practice counting and all you need is the free cards and a magnifying glass.  We added costumes and spy glasses for a little more fun but really you just need something that will magnify those tiny pictures so your little learners can count the pirate themed objects.  
Free pirate themed I Spy Counting Cards!  I love these for engaging students in preschool and kindergarten and helping them practice counting.

Canva Design Program Video

• “The easiest design program in the world” - The Webbys
• “Canva enables anyone to become a designer” - PSFK

Design Posters, Presentations, Cards and Social Media layouts using Canva. This video explains how to create an account and start using Canva in your classroom.  

Click on the link below...

Canva Design Video

An Alphabetical List of 150 Songs For End of the Year Slideshows & Graduation

No one has to tell a teacher how an entire day can zip by when looking for something on the Internet.

I spent countless hours searching the web, for lists of songs that teachers have shared in chat rooms and on their blogs, which they felt were great choices for their end of the year slideshows & preschool or kindergarten graduations.

Since I had already done the work, I decided to compile an alphabetical list to share with others, in the hopes you find it helpful and a great time saver. :-)

There are 150 songs. I included the artist (if I knew it.)
To find any of them, simply Google it.

I also spent several hours on YouTube looking for memorable performances from children singing a variety of songs at their graduations, and included the links so you can get the words and be inspired.

I found a few little notes while researching and included those links as well.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the alphabetical list of "End of the Year Slideshow & Graduation Songs" are today's featured FREEBIE. 

From Diane over at

Free Reading Strategy Activity - Visualizing

Are you starting to plan for next year or looking for some engaging reading activities to end the year with? This lesson is one of my all time favorites. I love teaching visualizing as a reading strategy because no two student's work is the same. I love seeing their creative minds at work.

This activity can be used with any book and students get a thrill out of seeing how their image compares to that of the book.

Click on any of the pictures to get your free visualizing graphic organizer and a more thorough explanation of how I teach this particular lesson.