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Ideas for Writing?? Try These Character and Setting Cards!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Writing block strikes some authors at a very young age ... or so they'd have us think! ;) We've all had students who have a million things to talk about but claim that the well is dry when the time comes to write.

There can be so many other reasons behind the excuse, of course, but here's something quick and easy to try if your students truly are stumped for ideas! By combining pairs of these character and setting cards, they'll make some funny story starters that will help them set pencil to paper.

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Cat in the Hat Word Family Games

Practice reading word family words in a super-fun way, with these Cat in the Hat Word Family Games.  The packet includes 39 word families!

Simply choose the word families that your students are working on.  Print the template page twice; once on red construction paper, the other on white.  This way after cutting the strips apart, you will be able to make two word family hats with an ABAB color pattern.

Laminate and trim one set, to use for an independent center, partner game, or whole group activity.  Students "stack their hat" puzzle piece "stripes" in alphabetical order on top of the "I can read these ____ word family words!" hat brim.

Glue the other set on a sheet of turquoise construction paper and put up as a display by your word wall, or a separate Cat in the Hat Word Family bulletin board.

To practice the word wall hat display,  toss the word family mini cards into a Cat in the Hat hat, or other container.   Children pick one.  Whatever word family they get, is the one that they will read on the display.  Make it more fun by turning off the lights.  Children can point to each word stripe with a flashlight, as they read the words in the dark.

The mini cards can also be used to tell students what word family they will use to complete their hat stack word family worksheet.  Children write the words on a sheet of scratch paper, then write them in alphabetical order on their hat.  Afterwards, they color the stripes with a red crayon, so that the hat shows the Seuss ABAB striped pattern.

I've included a template of extra stripes for students who choose a word family like at with lots of word options.  They simply trim however many extra stripes they need and then glue it to the top of their hat. Completed worksheets make a sweet bulletin board.  Scatter the cut out hats on a turquoise background.  Caption: Hats Off To Wonderful Word Family Work!

Click on the link for the Cat in the Hat Word Family games.
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Iditarod Writing Activity Packet

Get your students excited about Alaska's Great Sled Dog Race with this fun Writing Activity Packet.

Students will label pictures and write sentences:
There are also 2 Photos for story writing like the one below:
Just click on the image below to download your free writing packet.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Fern Smith's FREE Time to the Five Minute Center for Memorial Day

 Fern Smith's FREE Memorial Day Time to the Five Minute Math Center
This "Time to the Five Minute" math center was something I made as a way to put a little Memorial Day introduction at your math center. Download this freebie now and you'll have it in your files for the next school year. As a proud Navy Wife, it's my little way of saying THANK YOU to all my followers and other military family and friends!
 Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Leprechaun Math - Missing Numbers!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's almost time for those naughty leprechauns to be acting up in our classrooms again! Guess what? Now it looks like they've taken some of the numbers!

Your students will love practicing  before, between, and after with the numbers from 11-20 using this St. Patrick's Day set.
Happy Teaching!


Riddles for Math ... Thinking About Math Vocabulary!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Riddles are a great way to demonstrate and practice inference skills. You can kill two standards birds with one stone with these riddles for math vocabulary.

You'll find these plus four more in this set! Just click on either picture to download your copy.

Happy Teaching!

Free Phonics Cards

When you download this phonics deck you'll receive 154 phonics cards with key words for pronunciation provided on the back.  Children with reading difficulties benefit from systematic and explicit phonics instruction and these phonics cards may be helpful when designing intervention.  They are also great for classroom instruction for our young developing readers.    The cards are available on the  My Favorite Resources for Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities blog post.  

Cat in the Hat Seuss Hat Language Arts Fun

Review capitalization and punctuation with this Cat in the Hat "craftivity."

Using a red marker, students choose 5 sentence strips, underline the letters that should be capitalized, add punctuation and then glue the stripes to their red construction paper hat in an ABAB pattern.
If you want, have students rewrite the correct sentence on the red "stripes."

Packet includes 108 sentence strips from a variety of Dr. Seuss stories.  I wanted to make more than enough, so that each student's hat would be different, and that each hat would have an example of a period, exclamation point and question mark.

Completed projects make a nice bulletin board.  Click on the link for the Seuss Hat Grammar Craft.
From Diane, over at

Chinese New Year Alphabet Card Game Packet

Use these dragon alphabet cards to easily add a bit of Chinese New Year to your day.

They are great for independent centers, puzzles, and games.   I've included a blank set, so you can program with whatever, as well as a 3-page tip list of how to use the cards, including the ever popular "Kaboom" game.

Click on the link for the Chinese New Year Alphabet cards. 
From Diane, over at

One Fish, Two Fish...FREEBIE for Dr Seuss week!

It is almost time to celebrate a very important author!  Stop by my blog to download a free station game to go along with your book reading next week. :)

Role Playing with the American Revolution Freebies!

One of my favorite hands on activities for social studies is The King's M & M's! In this activity, students understand why American colonists were upset with British tax laws like the Stamp Act, after the French and Indian War. They also get a better understanding of Taxation Without Representation.

In the blog post found HERE you can find my unique twist on this fun activity about The American Revolution!

While reading about this fun activity, make sure to grab all of the freebies to do this with your students in your own classroom!

Click HERE or the pictures above to check it out!

The Race Around the World Game {A Review Game on Explorers}

Hi from the Classroom Game Nook!

Who doesn't love a fun review game at the end of your unit?

I've got a great one for anyone who might be teaching about European Explorers, and it's exclusively available on my blog.

Check it out on the "Science/Social Studies Game" tab on the blog.  
Here's how to find it:

Click here and then click on the "Race Around The World" picture to download directly from the blog!

Feel free to grab the other freebie games on the blog as well :)

The Classroom Game Nook

Fern Smith's FREE St. Patrick's Day Counting Coins Interactive Notebook Activity

 Fern Smith's FREE St. Patrick's Day Counting Coins Interactive Notebook Activity
 Fern Smith's FREE St. Patrick's Day Counting Coins Interactive Notebook Activity
 Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Chinese New Year Bookmarks

Since Chinese New Year goes on for 2 weeks, there's still plenty of time to spice things up with a little something to help celebrate.

Even if you don't have the time to do something specific, you can simply wish your students "Gong Hey Fat Choy" (pronounced gung-she-fah-tie) Happy New Year in Chinese.

I've written this greeting on one of 4 bookmarks that provide a sweet incentive to motivate your students, or simply tuck one in their desk or backpack as a little surprise.

I've included a page of ways to say "Happy New Year" in Chinese, with links to helpful pronunciation sites.

Click on the link for the Chinese New Year Bookmarks. 
From Diane, over at

Dental Hygiene Flip For Facts File Folder Reports

Flip For Facts File Folders are a great precursor to writing a report.  Students find factual information and put it into their own words.

Includes a completed sample you can share with your students, as well as tips and links for how to do Online citations.

Click on the link for the Dental Hygiene Flip For Facts File Folder Report.
From Diane, over at


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