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Patriotic Star Craft

I roll my Presidents' Day activities in with our study of coins. 

When my kiddos can identify all of the US coins, they get to make this "You are 'cent-sational'!" patriotic, star necklace.

I give them a brand new penny to put in the center with a glue dot to attach it.
Simple, but they are thrilled!

The craftivity works for any patriotic holiday.
To add some writing to the activity, have students write why they feel they are "cent-sational" on the back.

To use as a Presidents' Day activity, have students choose a President, and write why they feel he was the best.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the patriotic star necklace is today's featured FREEBIE. 
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Can You Walk and Talk at the Same Time? - A Communication Board for A.P.E. from Susan Berkowitz, slp

I work primarily with students who use picture-based alternative communication (AAC) systems.  They don't have speech, or have very minimal speech, so I try to make sure they have complete, powerful AAC systems with which to communicate.

I like to have topic-specific communication boards that are core word based in specific locations in the class and school. 

Even when students have their own robust communication systems they sometimes forget them. Some students don’t carry their aac devices to activities that involve a lot of running or moving around - like their time at recess, physical education, or in the motor lab.

Whether you're sitting, walking, or jumping, Keep on Talking!

The Pencil Grip Song

Do you use the Pencil Grip Song to teach your students to hold their writing tools correctly? 

Here's a free poster from Liz's Early Learning Spot that you can put up in your room as a great reminder! There are links to Youtube videos so you can hear how the tune goes, as well as links to other tips and tricks for encouraging correct pencil grasps in children.

I wish you happy teaching and learning!

Create an Elements and Events Summary for the Jake Ransom series

If you have students who like the Percy Jackson series, they will probably like Jake Ransom.  If a young Indiana Jones met up with mythological creatures, he would have adventures like Jake Ransom.

Below is a form I use to create summaries of novel length books.  First I record books we read aloud as a class.  Later on I have students use this form to create summaries for novels they read on their own.
 To download Elements and Events and read more about the Jake Ransom books, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Fern Smith's FREE Museum Guard Indoor Recess Game For Your Class
Here is a Downloadable Printable Direction Sheet for
Museum Guard Game!
Have you had a chance to play this great indoor recess game? It keeps everyone so quiet and engaged, you are going to love it! I have a printable direction sheet on my blog, feel free to download it and created an Indoor Recess Notebook of ideas!
Click here to download it at my blog to start your own notebook!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Click here to download ALL my Free Indoor Recess Directions Printables! 
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Rock Brothers Creative Writing & Science Project

Free download - writing & science project on rocks and erosion - from Raki's Rad Resources

Combining creative writing and science can lead to some interesting projects. One of my favorite combinations is The Rock Brothers - Slow Sammy and Fast Freddy. In this project, students write from the point of view of two rocks, one who changes slowly through erosion and the other who changes quickly through volcanoes or earthquakes. Download this writing project from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

Presidents' Day & Parts of Speech!

If you're looking for a way to review a few parts of speech, I've got a fun freebie you can use next week as a center or small group activity!

Students will sort noun, verb, and adjective cards from a set of 10 sentences. Each sentence is based on a fun fact about different presidents in American history!

To grab this freebie, click on any of the pictures in this post or CLICK HERE!

Celebrating Black History Month with a Poem and Writing Activity

Here's a fun and simple activity to do with your students for Black History Month. Students will read a 5W poem about Ruby Bridges, learn the form of a 5W poem (graphic organizer), then choose another African American and write a 5W poem.
 If you would like to download this free packet just click on the image below.
Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

Winter Frames and Arrows Practice

It's time for a Winter math freebie!  I use the Everyday Math Program and my students often  need extra practice with  frames and arrows activities, so I created a little freebie.  You can download it and simply print, copy and you're ready to go! Click here or on the image to grab it!

Quack! This Final /k/ Freebie is just Ducky!

Spring is coming. 

Really... I promise. There are narcissus blooming and dandelions popping up in my part of Texas. If it hasn't reached you yet, this fun spring freebie may get you in the mood!

FREE Fun duck and pond themed game with 20 final /k/ cards
Quack! Go Back Game and Final /k/ Cards

Quack! Go Back! Is a fun pond-themed board game for small groups, and comes with 20 Final /k/ cards to practice articulation and phonemic awareness.

Read more about this at Speech Sprouts Therapy blog, then head over to Speech Sprouts on Teachers pay Teachers to download your copy.

Happy Spring!

Classroom Management and Creative Writing Combined

Free classroom management and creative writing activity - Vic La Vache the world traveling cow - from Raki's Rad Resources.

One of my favorite classroom management systems is Vic La Vache, the world traveling cow. To make this system work, I got a stuffed cow and told my students that he had been everywhere, but that he only talked to children. In order to hear his stories, they had to be on their best behavior and earn raffle tickets. Each Friday I would choose a raffle ticket and the winner would take Vic home and write down one of his stories on these Vic La Vache Journal Sheets. For more details on this sytem, and to download these sheets for free, visit my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

FREE Dice Games!

Dice games never get old and they are a key resource I use over and over again! Check these out and be sure to download these free games! Click here to get them!

Toothpick and Marshmallow Tower Challenge

Stop on over to pick up a packet to assist you with building a toothpick tower with marshmallows.  Your class will have an engaging experience they won't forget!

Included in the packet are website links, questions to get your students planning and drawing their towers and post question activities!

Can't wait to have you stop by!

Parts of Speech Grammargories

Choose a themed list. Choose a letter. Start the timer. It's time for Grammargories!

Inspired by the game Scattergories, students try to beat the clock as they complete themed lists with words representing different parts of speech, and every answer must begin with the same letter.

This engaging and challenging activity is a student favorite!

Valentine Fish

"Lovie" is a sweet little fish craft made entirely out of heart shapes.

She's perfect for party day, and a quick, easy and fun way to practice small-medium-large, while explaining symmetry.

Give your kiddos some Fishy crackers to munch on to "O-fish-cially" wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. 

For that finishing touch, add a school photo and some wiggle eyes.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where Lovie is the featured FREEBIE. 
From Diane, over at
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