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Fern Smith's FREE Line Behavior Tip and Resource

Using a A YES LINE for Transitions From One Location to Another
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas FREE Poster for Transitions with a Yes Line at Classroom Freebies!
When I was teaching, my students LOVED this free reward. When we were going to lunch, I was always looking for "A YES Line" our class term for a terrific line in the hallway. When we got to lunch, the SILENT, UNSPOKEN QUESTION was, "Were we good?" If the answer was YES, they were allowed to move out of our normal ABC line order and then sit with a friend at lunch.
You can download a poster here at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it and it is FREE!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Interview a Grandparent with Grandpa Green

Grandpa Green by Lane Smith is about a child who tours his grandfather's garden and learns important stories about his life.  It is a great mentor text to use for a Grandparent Day activity or to create an interview of an older person.

To read more about Grandpa Green, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Free Internet Scavenger Hunt for Geographical Features of the United States

Free internet scavenger hunt /  webquest about the geographical features of the United States - Great Social Studies activity to integrate technology - free download from Raki's Rad Resources

Understanding the geography of the United States can help students to understand key historical events and movements. This free US Geography Internet Scavenger Hunt gives your students the chance to use a variety of websites to find information about geographical features of America. Students are provided with a graphic organizer to guide them through the research process. Download this free resource today from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free Clipart for Teachers!

It's time for some FREE clipart!

These sweet, happy students are ready to join your classroom and your TpT products.  

Please click here to get your FREE kids clipart.

free kids clipart for teachers

Best wishes!
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Free French Color Signs

Do you teach French to your students? If so these color signs are a perfect way to display vocabulary as a visual reminder for your students. 

Colors Included are:

Brown - brun and marron
Black - noir
Grey - gris
White - blanc
Purple - violet and pourpre
Pink - rose
Red - rouge
Orange - orange
Yellow - jaune
Blue - bleu
Green - vert

Brown and Purple have 2 different ways of saying the word. This allows you to 
choose which one you will teach your students!


Monster Addition Table

Do your students need more practice with their number facts?

Here's a printable that you can download for them. It has a really cute monster theme that can be used all year.

Monster Addition Table

Just click on the picture above or link below to go to my website and download this free printable!

"Monster Addition Table"

Happy Spring!
Learning Ideas -Grades K-8

Memorial Day Rhyming

Try something fun and make connections to Memorial Day with the rhyming activity. Students cut and glue Memorial Day themed words to their rhyme. I love sneaking in little fine motor practice with cut and glue activities like this!  This would be great for first and second graders and even third graders who need some rhyming practice. 

Click on the image or here to download it.
Please leave feedback if you do. I really appreciate all the feedback I get, so thank you!

End of the Year Coundown Posters

Are your students climbing the walls yet? Are you? :)

How about a little classroom visual for the end of the year?

One of my favorite teacher peeps requested this poster for her classroom, so I turned it into a freebie set for all grade levels. :) Just print, laminate, and post for a dry-erase friendly countdown for the end of the year.

Click any of the images in this post to download it directly from Teachers Pay Teachers!

Free Response ot Literature Writing Prompt

Free response to literature writing prompt from Raki's Rad Resources

Writing about the books that we read is an important skill for our students in both reading and writing. This Response to Literature Writing Prompt takes your students through the entire writing process from brainstorming to publishing, including a grading rubric. Download it today from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Back-to-School Brain-Boosting Activities

Many of you may not be ready, but is it too soon to start stockpiling resources for next year? Get a jump start with this back-to-school brain boosting activity packet!

Included are an If I Was activity in which students complete prompts that introduce their personalities; an If My Life Was a Novel activity that allows students to share about their personal histories; and a Back-to-School categories game based on Scattergories.

Check one task off your back-to-school list early. Enjoy!

Fern Smith's FREE Phonics Little Books for the -ie Family

Free Printable Phonics Mini-Books for the -ie Family!
Fern Smith's FREE Sampler Printable Phonics Mini-Books for the -ie Family
The freebie has two versions, one with room for students to draw their own pictures and one with pictures to color.
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Reviewing Organic Compounds

If you are a teacher of Advanced Placement (AP) Biology, this is a very stressful time of the year.  The AP exam is just around the corner!  This free review powerpoint on organic compounds will help your students review and reinforce the concepts you taught at the beginning of the school year.

Click image to download free review.

Best of luck to you and your students on this year's AP exam!

Cause and Effect Sentence Frames

One strategy to help English Language Learners practice academic language is a sentence frame.  Students can use these to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking cause and effect situations.  Each related pair of sentences uses a signal word that changes the cause from the front of the sentence to the end of the sentence and vice versa.

To download Cause and Effect Sentence Frames, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Sea of Knowledge's Free Main Idea Activities with Newspaper Articles

Hello everyone! I have an awesome activity to share with you today – the best thing about it is it can be setup in just minutes or with just a bit of prep can be a station you visit and re-visit throughout the year. Have you ever had trouble teaching the main idea to your students? I teach ESL students – and they particularly struggle with this concept! Here's a simple station you can prep in no time and re-visit throughout the year over and over again!
Students read the articles and then 'guess' what the title might be from reading it. They then match the title with the articles and see if their guess was close enough to the title. FUN!
Read all about it over at this blog post and download the free dictionary word search graphic organizer.

Hope your kids love these!


Mother's Day Word Cloud

Here is an easy Mother's Day Gift that is very cost effective!  Make a MOM Word Cloud using words that describe their mother!  

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