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Letter Writing to Published Authors (and tips for getting a response!)

Who doesn't love to get a letter in the mail? I know my students do and receiving an actual letter from an author builds a love of reading too! Use this activity to help students locate contact information for a favorite author and then create a letter to mail to that author.

Once the students have completed the activity the first time and understand the process, this makes a great independent early finisher activity that can be ongoing throughout the year. In my class, we send and receive letters from September until May!

CLICK HERE to download the Book Author Letter Writing Activity that includes suggestions for getting replies.

Happy Writing!


Have You Played King Chase Queen During Indoor Recess?

King Chase Queen Game for Some Terrific Indoor Recess Fun! Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas King Chase Queen Printable Direction Sheet for Your Classroom.

Have you had a chance to play this great indoor recess game? I have a printable direction sheet on my blog for you!
Click here to download it!

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Learning Specialist Freebie Course: Start Your Own Private Practice

Do you have or would you like to create your own private practice as a tutor, learnings specialist or educational therapist?  Are you tired of the top down politics and stress?  Would you like to have the freedom to empower students using your own methods and change lives?  Come watch my free course called Learning Specialist Secrets! CLICK HERE to learn more and get free access today!

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

Fern Smith's FREE Winter Subtraction One Less Interactive Notebook Activity and Center Packet

Fern Smith's FREE Winter Subtraction One Less Concept Center & Interactive Notebook Activity at Classroom Freebies
Winter Subtraction One Less Center Game & Interactive Notebook Activity Resource!
  Terrific for Seatwork, Center Work or Homework!
High Interest and great for an emergency sub folder!

* Interactive Notebook Activity
* Math Center Sign
* Common Core Listing for Lesson Plans
* Center Folder Cover
* Teacher Directions and Student Directions
* Center Game Cards

Click here to download it!

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It's Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

 Spring Break at my house means spring cleaning.... Students fill out the graphic organizer shown above and then create an informational paragraph related to chores.

To download this no-prep Spring Cleaning writing activity, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Owl Fact Families Fun!

This Owl Fact Families activity is perfect for getting your kids hands on and exploring their fact families from 1 to 10. With cute owls and colorful eggs, your kids will have fun adding the eggs  together to make different number sentences. There's two different games included so that you can extend your students' learning.
Game 1:
Players choose a nest. They find two egg cards that they can add together to make the number on the nest and record their number sentence.

Game 2:

Give each player a Nest Ten Frame and a set of Egg Counter Cards. Place the Owl Nest Cards face down on the table. Students pick an owl nest card. They use the egg counter cards to explore how to make that number on the ten frame – ‘how many red and blue eggs can you add together to make X?’.
“I used _____ red and ______ blue eggs’. Students record their fact families on the recording sheet.

Editing Practice

Second graders and other young elementary students often find it challenging to edit their own work, but I find it helps to  have them practice by working on editing other writing. I find that if they practice editing work that is not their own, then their ability to check over their own work improves. I created an editing practice activity that you can download by clicking here or on the image below if you'd like to try it with your class.

If you do download it, please take a moment or two and leave some feedback. It means so much to me when you do! Thanks!

Fantastic Basketball Game Freebie

Have you been watching the basketball games.  My son has!  I filled out a bracket and the loser buys a Shamrock Shake!  Looks like I'm buying!

Here's a basketball game you can use for your sight word practice.  Dunk it!!

Sea of Knowledge's Free Rainbow Word Family CVC Puzzles

Once kindergarten students start to master their letter to sound relationships, they will begin to master sounding out words. This is the best part about teaching for me. I love to see them grow and learn to read and sound out their words. CVC words really gets learning to read. These rainbow word family CVC puzzles will have kids reading and identifying the ending vowel and consonant and match the picture to that ending. They will also say the name of the item in the picture. They will make rainbows!
Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Looking For Something Cute to Review Multiplication?

Free Color By Numbers Mixed Multiplication  Your students will adore this Awesome Animals Color Your Answers Worksheet for Mixed Multiplication. The answer key is also included, terrific for an Emergency Sub Tub or Homework! Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Free Color By Numbers Mixed Multiplication
Your students will adore this Awesome Animals Color Your Answers Worksheet for Mixed Multiplication. The answer key is also included, terrific for an Emergency Sub Tub or Homework!

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your students will ♥ love ♥ it!

Simile and Metaphor Board Game

Hi from The Classroom Nook!

National Poetry Month is just around the corner!  If you're still looking for some fun activities to have your students try out, take a look at this fun center game on similes and metaphors!

You can see all the details here:

Google Drive Infographic

Use this infographic to introduce Google Drive to students and teachers. It briefly describes the features in Google Drive including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings using images and graphics. The layout was designed using infographic software.

Benefits of Google Drive…
• Access documents anywhere
• Invite others to collaborate
• These programs are free
• Keep your files safe
• Add-Ons and Updates (Flippity Flash Cards, WeVideo, Mindmeister Mind Maps)
Click on the link below to download this infographic...

April Fool's Day Math Story Problems

April Fool's Day Math Story Problems: Elementary Matters
Did you realize April Fool's Day is coming???

How do I bring April Fool's day into Math?  With Problem solving, of course!  Check out my April Fool's Day Math Freebie! (Click image to download!)

Number Line Game

Number Line Whack is a fun way to get kids up and moving but build their number sense skills at the same time.  The free cards prompt students about what number comes next, what comes before, identifying numbers and more.  
Number line whack is such a fun hands on way to build number sense and practicing counting numbers.

Need Help Replenishing Your Classroom Supplies?
It only takes one person to make a difference.

At my last school we had a closet at our school stocked and supplied by a local church and business partners. When a new student arrived with no supplies. We could grab a backpack and load it with crayons, pencils, notebooks, paper, etc. None of this would have been possible without the kind people who spent their personal money to stock that closet.

You can start by collecting crayons this August when the stores have them on sale for 5 cents. Ask your friends, family, a church group, a neighborhood association, a woman's club, the people you know are endless and this is a very easy project for a group. Then, next thing you know, you'll be getting pencils, notebook paper, markets, etc.
Visit my blog by clicking here to download this letter to give to your family and friends.