Classroom Freebies

Twister Math - Graphing Activity

Free twister graphing sheet for your math centers - available from Raki's Rad Resources

Start out the year by getting your students to be active with their math. Allow students to play twister and graph the number of times each color is called with this free Twister Color Graphing Sheet that you can download from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

Build Number Sense and Math Skills with Math Riddle Cards

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Build number sense while you have fun with these 12 multi-step riddle cards! Your first and second grade students will use clues about basic addition and subtraction, coins (pennies, nickels, and dimes), place value, adding and subtracting tens, and comparing numbers to determine numbers between one and 120..

*Note: You may already be using Set 1 of these riddles. This sample is from a new and completely different set!

What's the bonus factors with solving math riddles?

1) They are an easy way to implement spiraled review.
2) While you're reviewing math concepts and vocabulary, you'll also have a chance to sneak in some extra practice with inference and drawing conclusions! BOOM - that's a two-for-one!

Happy Teaching!

"Let's Juggle 3D Shapes" Worksheets

My son Steven, started juggling at a young age; now as an adult, he’s quite skilled and shared with me, that a true master can juggle a variety of objects, that are different sizes and weights.

One of his sillier stunts, was juggling a roll of toilet paper, a plunger and a bowling ball!
This was especially entertaining for little ones, as evidenced by their giggles and clapping.

Steven’s juggling escapades, inspired me to design these quick, easy and fun “Let’s Juggle 3D Shapes!” worksheets, as an interesting way to review the sphere, cube, cylinder & cone.

Patterns come in black and white, featuring a boy as well as a girl juggler. The air above them is blank.

Students fill that space, by coloring, cutting, and gluing whatever 3D shapes they have chosen, from a selection of examples on another worksheet.

Children must choose at least one of each shape, then as many others as they want to fill in the rest of the empty space.

Afterwards, using the shape key, they label the various shapes with a letter.

I’ve also included 2, colorful & completed posters, which you can use as examples to help explain what you want your students to do.

When everyone is finished, have students share their poster, pointing out their favorite object that’s being juggled and what type of 3D shape that is.

Since they are all different, completed projects make a cute bulletin board display. 

Click on the link to zip on over to my Blog, where the "Let's Juggle 3D Shapes!" is today's featured FREEBIE.
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Water Bottle Gifts For Back To School

Looking for a little back to school gift for your students?

A bottle of water is a super inexpensive, easy, and healthy surprise for that first, or any hot day of school.

Simply run off the label of your choice (I used neon, astro-bright paper), trim & tape to the bottle and you're done!
Besides the labels, I've also included several water-themed icebreakers & writing prompts, plus a poster in the packet as well.

I bought a case of 30 water bottles for just $3.00 at Sam's Club, which averages out to be just 10 cents a bottle. Woo Hoo!

Click on the link to pop on over to my TpT shop to grab the "Make a Splash!" water bottle packet

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Student Created Word Searches

Hello! JenBradshaw here from

FREE Word Search Templates * Student Created * Perfect for Spelling Center *

Keeping your students engaged, but learning is so important for the beginning of the year.

These are student created word searches that work perfect for ANY WORD LIST!

  • spelling words
  • phonics
  • vocabulary
  • sight words
  • high frequency words

Best wishes!

Free Editable Brag Tags

Do you use brag tags in your classroom? It is a great behavior management technique and kids love it. You can ditch your treasure box and start using brag tags with this freebie. These are designed to be the first tag for your students so they have a tag with their name on it. It is editable so you can type the names in and use the fonts you want. It includes 14 children to pick from. 
Free editable name brag tags to start your students' brag tag collection off right with a personalized tag

September Holidays and Celebrations Freebies

Can you name all the holidays and celebrations in September? September is jam packed with so many and I've put together some great freebies to help you get ready for some of them. For 9/11 I have this wonderful Hero Poems and Writing Activity that would be appropriate for younger grades.
I also have this September Holiday Noun Sort to not only help students sort common, proper, and compound nouns but also learn words associated with different September holidays.
Did you know that September 19th is "Talk like a Pirate Day?" Your students may love this Making Words and Sentences Literacy Activity.
Just click on any of the images above to download your free activities. Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.


5 Back to School Freebies!

I'll bet you could use some freebies for Back to School! Be sure to grab all 5 to help you through those first few weeks of school! Just click the image or click HERE!

Google Classroom Updates for the 2017/18 School Year!

Google recently added a number of helpful updates to Google Classroom for teachers. 

These updates include...

1. Reorder your classes on the homepage
2. View all of a student's work on a single page
3. Use decimal grades to award partial points
4. Display the class code in full screen
5. Transfer class ownership to another teacher
and more...

Click on the link below to download this free guide...

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Hungry, Hungry Hippo Sums Sheet

Free sheet to incorporate hungry, hungry hippos into your math centers - from Raki's Rad Resources.

Hungry, hungry hippos is a great game to add to your math centers. Take a sharpie and write digits 0 - 9 on each marble. Then let the kids add together the numbers they "eat" with this hungry, hungry hippos sums sheet that you can download from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

Back To School With Charlotte's Web

As we set up our classrooms, and begin planning our first lessons of the year it's important to think about the themes we want to study with our students.  I like to begin the school year learning about the importance of friendship and being kind to others.  Charlotte's Web is a great first novel of the school year because it teaches these qualities in a classic way.  I created this Charlotte's Web freebie to go along with the novel.  Enjoy it with your students!

Back to School Math Challenge for 2nd and 3rd Grade

Use this free school-themed math printable as a challenge for your 2nd and 3rd grade elementary students!  This September math challenge can be used as a whole class problem solving activity, advanced math center, fast finisher, or homework worksheetHead over to my blog to read about 3 Back to School Math Activities I love and download the freebie!

Have a fab day Super Teachers!

Classroom Management for the Beginning of the School Year

Oh the end of the school year can bring some exciting behavior in the classroom.  I use this year around but at the end of the year it can be used for those last few precious weeks.  I print out a bunch of these on cardstock and laminate them for durability.  I wrap a shoe box in my classroom and cut a slot in the top of the lid.  There are slips of paper beside the box along with a pencil for students to write their name on it.  Each week, I have my caught being terrific cards with me at all times: hallway,cafeteria, etc.  My students know they can get a ticket  at any time.  If they receive one they are to return the ticket to a container, put their name on a slip of paper , place in the box, and at the end of the week we have a drawing (I draw several names) to go to my prize box filled with lots of fun stuff.  The kids LOVE it and so do I.  :)  Head on over to get your copy of them.  It will be a hit at the end of the year.

Math Riddle Task Cards

Hi, Teaching Friends!

When your students use riddles to practice math, they'll hardly believe that they're practicing at all! These number elimination riddle task cards address a variety of primary grade math skills, and are an engaging way to review with partners, in small groups, or in a math center.

Here's the kind of riddle cards this set includes.


Click here or on the cover to get your riddle set. The post also has lots of ideas for using riddle cards with your class!

Happy Teaching!

How to Make Your Own Paper Flowers 

I see SO many teachers spend a lot of money on tissue paper flowers for their classrooms. You all can stop doing that now :) Here are step by step instructions on how to make your own and SAVE you money!

I love tissue paper flowers just like everyone and I use them in my classroom quite often but I found that it was getting pricey buying all the different ones I wanted. 
By making your own you save money and you can get creative with what they look like. 
They are so easy to make that I even have Grade 2 students making them. here if you want to save yourself some money and still have stunning flowers in your room.