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Bingo Anyone?

Kids love to play bingo. I created this 2D bingo set to help kids practice names of shapes and recognize them in the environment.
Here are a couple of free cards from my 2D Shapes Bingo set.
Click on one of the images to get your copy.
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How Character Strengths Can Create Problems

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is a great book to read aloud to upper elementary students.  One lesson I want my students to know is how a character's strengths can also cause problems.  This book has several examples of this lesson.

To download a free graphic organizer to record how strengths can create problems, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Tracing Lines for Fine Motor Skill Development

Tracing lines is a great way for little ones to strengthen their hands and develop their coordination to ready themselves for writing.

Download these free line tracing activities from Liz's Early Learning Spot!

While you're there you can read about what pre-writing skills are and how we can develop them in our children.

Till next time!

Compound Popsicle {Center Game}

Warmer weather means cooler treats!

Students will love this compound Popsicle center game where they match the two words together to create a compound word.

Grab your free copy by clicking below (be sure to scroll down to the "Word Work" category to download!)

The Classroom Game Nook

Cause and Effect Practice

Cause and effect is a tough concept, right? My second graders have been working on it all year but some of them still need more practice. If this sounds familiar, you might benefit from this freebie! Your kiddos will get extra practice making sense of cause and effect.

 Download it by clicking here or on the image below. If you download it, please leave feedback. I am so grateful when folks do so! Thank you so much!

Fern Smith's FREE King Chase Queen Directions

Have you had a chance to play this wonderful, quiet, indoor recess game? I have a printable direction sheet on my blog for you, feel free to download it and created an Indoor Recess Notebook of ideas! Click here to see all of my FREE Indoor Recess Printables for you!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Summer Scavenger Hunt

Keep students actively learning and applying the knowledge they've gained this year with a summer photo scavenger hunt!

This freebie includes a scavenger hunt, photo caption cards to hold in each photo, and an activity log on which students provide details about their activities. I'm linking to the tutorial on my blog that includes these freebies.

Designed for upper elementary and intermediate students, each activity on the hunt is easy-to-complete and related to the content areas of English-Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies. Get this resource and more details about to facilitate it here.

Have fun!

Practice Math Vocabulary with Odd One Out Number

I have created a series I call Odd One Out for my students to practice their math vocabulary.  When I worked as an ELL specialist this year, I learned to use it to support students who are just learning English.

Students decide which of the numbers in a set should be left out.  They use mathematical language to support their answer.

To download the freebie which has four sets of Odd One Out activities, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

Artistry of Education

Letter, Number, and Book Labels - ALL FREE

Needing to get more organized? Then you're going to love these two sets of free labels! Click either picture to go grab your copy!

Thanks for looking!

Management Cards for Computer Stations

The students in my class go to a computer station during our language arts block. I manage the computer station with computer number cards. The number cards are laminated and hooked to the side of each computer. As each student finishes at the computer center, the student turns his/her card to the back, and the student's number that is in front shows the student who has the next turn on the computer.

These are the Reading Computer Number Cards:

You can download the packet for FREE. It includes numbers 1-28. Just click on the picture above.

Teacher Blogger Resource Roundup!

Woah!  Have you ever thought of starting your own teaching blog?  If so, I have a FREE Course that shows you just how to do it!

Now - for those of you that already HAVE a teaching blog - I don't want you to feel left out!   I have a BRAND NEW FIRST-OF-ITS-KIND Online Teacherpreneur Resource Guide!   YUP!  Almost 200 teacher blogger resources, all indexed by categories in alphabetical order!

  • Need to know where to find blog templates?  Check!
  • Looking for better productivity resources?  Got it!
  • How about social media schedulers?  You know it!

And so much more!  Seriously - I have everyone covered today if you have ever thought about creating your own teaching blog to those who are seasoned veterans.  :)

Check out the links at Teaching Blog Traffic School now!

~Charity, Your Fairy Blogmother

Free Student to Student Nonfiction Facts!

Hey all!  Introducing a new FREE resource for morning work - or even at the end of the day while packing up!

Fun Facts with Alex!

As a family, we found we were doing quite a bit of traveling.  Alex has a passport with stamps from at least 5 different countries and has visited many more via closed loop cruising (where passports are not needed).   He has been on 6 cruises ranging from 7-12 day trips each.   Some of his favorite places in DisneyWorld in Orlando, Disneyland in California, and Disneyland in Paris (maybe you have noticed a trend – haha!)

On a recent trip to Hawaii, mom realized that there are so many kids out there who don’t get an opportunity to travel like Alex.  As a former teacher, she also knows learning about interesting things outside of our regular environment can broaden the mind inviting students to think bigger.

Unfortunately this idea was hatched while on a 24-hour travel day back home AFTER the trip was over so we missed out on some amazing places and facts to share.  The good news is that the idea was hatched and that gives us even more of a reason to travel.  ;)

Thanks for stopping by and Alex looks forward to sharing some fun facts along the way!

Our vision is for science and social studies videos between 3-5 minutes that teachers can use as morning or pack up work. Alex is just starting to learn about video presence, enunciation, and the facts he will be sharing on the fly. They will get even better with time.   Eventually we will even ask for "guest vloggers" from K-5 students so that we are able to include even more cool facts from all over the world!

Stop by and check out the beginnings of what we hope to be a great resource for teachers everywhere!

~Charity Preston, Classroom Freebies creator

PS – If you are an educator, don’t forget to join our Educator’s Network where we will share current facts, some free printables, and lesson ideas.  We promise to never share your information with anyone.  We hate spam too.  Hehehehehehehee!

Superstar Antonyms Game

Are I  I Have Who Has style games a hit with your class? And are you working on antonyms? This freebie may be right up  your alley!  This is a star themed activity that will help your students practice their antonym skills.   The game does not have cards for a whole class set but  would work well in a small group for extra practice or students can work on it with a few friends as a choice!

Click here or on the image below to download it. I always appreciate when you  take a few moments to leave feedback. I find it so valuable! 

FREE Owl Bookmarks

Whooooooo's excited for the end of the school year?  Give your littles a fun end of the year gift with these cute owl bookmarks.  There are 4 bookmarks in this download: 2 in color and 2 in black and white for your little friends to color themselves.

Just click HERE for your freebie.  I'd love to hear what you think of these fun little owls.

Hope you enjoy!

Fern Smith's FREE St. Valentine's Day Multiply By Nine

Valentine's Day Multiply By Nine
Multiplication Center Game
Fern Smith's FREE St. Valentine's Day Multiply By Nine Multiplication Center Game
This Center Games has...
* 11 PAGES of a printable center game including a variety of different ways to play the game.
* Distinct Cover Sheet to glue on folders, or place in a baggie.
* Two pages of Matching Problems & Answers in Color to be cut apart as playing cards. Or use one page as a game board and one page cut apart as the matching cards.
* Everything also comes in Black and White if you want to save on color printer ink!
Fern Smith's FREE St. Valentine's Day Multiply By Nine Multiplication Center Game
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
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