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All About My Mom - Mother's Day Free Printable

Anytime we get to do a writing activity that my kids actually like, it's a good day! 😊 These fun printables not only give your kids an opportunity to practice writing, but they also end up being a really cute keepsake for Mother's Day. 

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What is your biggest classroom organization challenge?

What is Your Biggest Classroom Organization Challenge? 

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Secret to Classroom Time Fillers

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Classroom Time Fillers - Free Games and Activities for Transition Times @

Students driving you CRAZY during transition times, or after completing work...

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Mother's Day Scrapbook

Need an easy, handmade gift for your students to make for Mother's Day?  I've got you covered with this free printable scrapbook.  Just print the pages you want to use.  Have your students fill in the prompts and draw pictures of their moms.  Bind/staple/three hole punch with ribbon and you've got a super cute gift ready to go!

Free Mother's Day Scrapbook that makes the cutest gifts for moms on their special day

Sea of Knowledge's Free Alphabet Upper and Lowercase Matching with Beginning Sounds Flower Pot

Alphabet Upper and Lowercase Matching with Beginning Sounds: Kids love playing puzzles, they will love matching the flowers to the correct pots in this fun phonics game! This would be a great activity for spring. This fun activity can be found below!


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Super-Charge Your Morning Work!

Supercharge your morning work with I Heart Literacy! Each page features a fun theme so your students will not only be practicing reading and ELA skills, but will also be learning about a curriculum-based topic. A wide variety of Common Core skills are addressed. Try these five free pages for free!

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Teaching Circumference With Help From Sir Cumference

Every now and then I like to confuse my students by beginning a math lesson with a read-a-loud.  It's always so funny to see their faces.  The truth is, there are a lot of good stories out there that can help students better understand math concepts.  One example is the Sir Cumference series by Cindy Neuschwander.  Her books are perfect for helping students understand difficult math concepts.  My students have a much better concept of Pi then I did at their age, and I know it's because of her books.  I created this Free Lesson For "Sir Cumference and The First Round Table".  This two day lesson helps students understand the concept of Pi, along with diameter, radius, and of course circumference.


Proofreading and Editing Fun!

Practice proofreading and editing with these fun, non-fiction reading passages. There are 4 passages included, plus answer keys and comprehension questions! They are great for the end of the year or any time of the year!

Editable Graduation Certificates

Hi everyone! April has flown by. I find myself now looking ahead to the end of the school year and all that needs to be done in such a short amount of time. I'm preparing and printing ahead of time, because May is such a busy month. Our school year ends the beginning of June.

One of the things I'm preparing are our graduation ceterficates that I hand out at the end of the school year.

I made up a variety of options. Some are half size and in color.

I also created full size and black and white versions.

These can be used for older students. And they're all EDITABLE! Just type in the name and date! You can download the packet HERE

Free French Color Posters

Do you teach your students French or want to expose them to other languages? These color signs are perfect for direct teaching or to hang in your classroom so students can become familiar with the French language.
 Colors Included are:

Brown - brun and marron
Black - noir
Grey - gris
White - blanc
Purple - violet and pourpre
Pink - rose
Red - rouge
Orange - orange
Yellow - jaune
Blue - bleu
Green - vert

Brown and Purple have 2 different ways of saying the word. This allows you to choose which one you will teach your students! 

QR Code Reader App Guide - Cloud QR Scanner

• Free and Kid Friendly QR Code Reader
This step-by-step guide shows teachers and students how to install and use this Free App 
• Requires iOS 9.0 or later
• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

QR Codes
• A QR code (Quick Response Code) is a type of matrix barcode first designed for the automotive industry in Japan 
• When scanned with a smartphone, tablet or laptop they will take you to a website, article, video, social media page and more
• All you need is a camera lens on your device and a free QR code scanning app
• QR Codes can be used for many classroom activities including website and video investigations

QR Code Reader Guide

Mother's Day Craft Card

Here is a simple Mother's Day card that won't take any time at all to complete.

I added a pot that is labeled "Happy Spring!" as well as a blank one.  

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Susan Berkowitz’s Free Yourself from the Myths of Augmentative-Alternative Communication (AAC)

Debunking the myths of alternative communication for students with no or limited speech is something I do over and over again.  Pretty much every week I find myself explaining the truths to school staff or parents about what AAC can and won’t do for their student.

The first hurdle is convincing others that use of AAC should never be a “last resort.”  Far too often I find teams waiting for the child to develop more speech, or any speech at all.  It is heart-breaking to me when I hear people say of an 8 or 10 year old, “We’re still working on speech.  We’re not giving up yet.”  

What is especially hard about that is two-fold.  First, any child who has not had a way to communicate everything he/she wants to for that long is way behind in the communicating curve!  Second, we have found over the years that children who use any form of augmentative communication very often develop more speech than they currently have.  So, it’s a double win.

There are some other myths, and you can read about them in my handout; Common Myths About AAC (Augmentative-Alternative Communication) and the Real Truths.

Keep on talking. And come see me at my blog.

Subjects and Predicates

Subjects and predicates can confuse students, well into second and third grade. My students really needed some more practice. So I went ahead and made something I wanted to share with you!  With this activity,  students either cut and glue subjects and predicates to make complete sentences or you can laminate the pieces and reuse it, having students record their sentences on writing paper. Click here or on the image below to grab it.

If you do download it, and would be willing to take a few seconds and leave some feedback, I would be very appreciative! Thank you.

Teaching about Pollination and Interdependence

Ahhh... Spring is finally in the air.  FINALLY!

I live in Michigan where it seems the snow just never melts, so forgive me when I get a little excited over spring!  When spring comes around, that means the trees start budding and the flowers start blooming!  And that means usually, it's time for pollination!

Teach your students about interdependence and pollination with this free engaging life science demonstration!

Yes, you can share all about pollination to your little ones with this fun activity--- all you need is a little kool-aid!

Teach your students about interdependence and pollination with this free engaging life science demonstration!

(And hey, if you don't teach about pollination, this activity is perfect for teaching about interdependence when you teach ecosystems.  The flowers depend on those bees!)

Teach your students about interdependence and pollination with this free engaging life science demonstration!

Head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download this FREE pollination demonstration activity where students will learn all about how pollination works with this engaging kool-aid and cotton ball activity!

Then... get outside and enjoy the spring weather!  :)