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"Frosty Flakes" (Math Fact Familes) Igloo Craftivity

"Frosty Flakes" are a fun way to review addition and subtraction math facts.

Students can simply do one page as a skill sheet or cut out and save 5 pages for 10, snowflake fact-pages , then assemble them in an igloo booklet. 

For that finishing touch, add a school photo to the entrance of the igloo.
Includes a certificate of praise.

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Fern Smith's FREE ST. Valentine's Day Two Digit By Two Digit Addition Packet

Fern Smith's FREE Valentines Day Two Digit By Two Digit Addition Center, Foldable & Printable at Classroom Freebies
St. Valentine's Day Addition of Two Digit By Two Digit Center, Interactive Notebook & Printable Freebie for YOU!

This freebie helps you incorporate math, holidays and Social Studies with Two Digit by Two Digit Addition and includes:
  • an interactive notebook activity,
  • a worksheet printable, and
  • an entire center game!

    Click here to download it at my blog!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas ~ Helping Teachers One Resource At A Time!

    Boost Winter Writing with These Fun Tools

    Hello, Teaching Friends!

    Here's a set of three tools that will bring new interest to your writing center this winter! Stop by my blog to find out more about the story cube, story clock, and roll-and-write.

    Happy Teaching!

    Metric and Customary Units of Measurement

     How do you teach students the difference between metric and customary units of measurement?  One of the activities I use is the graphic organizer shown below.
     I find that having students see the whole picture of what we want them to learn in measurement is important. I would begin by filling in the chart together.  I have used this as a scavenger hunt with food packages either in class or as homework.  To download the Unit of Measurement chart, please visit this post at Artistry of Education.

    Artistry of Education

    "I Spy" Groundhog Day Activity Packet

    With all the extreme weather this winter I am curious to see if Phil sees his shadow or not on February 2nd. Here's a fun activity packet where students will match words and picture cards related to Groundhog Day and then read clues about the words and write the word on the line next to the clue.
    If you would like to download this fun packet just click on the image below.
    Thanks for all you do to make a difference for your students.

    Free Narrative Writing Prompt for Primary Students

    This free narrative writing prompt walks students through the writing process. It is available from Raki's Rad Resources

    Teaching students about the writing process helps them to develop good writing habits. This Narrative Writing Prompt guides primary grade students (Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade) through the writing process using the genre of personal narratives. Students will work on brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing. Then they will conference both with a peer and their teacher before publishing. Download this free prompt from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

    I have a quick and easy improper fractions freebie for you today!

    My third graders have to know multiple ways to represent fractions. I created a game and corresponding activity sheets to go along with it. I'm hosting this freebie on my blog - 3 pages of printable fraction practice. It is PERFECT for your third graders and I hope it's something you can use!

    Click on either of the pictures or on THIS LINK to go straight to the freebie post! Or, you can pin the picture above to save it for later!

    Fern Smith's FREE Coloring Pages For Community Helpers

    Perfect for your community helpers unit. I have included both a male firefighter and a female firefighter in this FREE resource for your classroom. ENJOY!
    Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas ~ Helping Teachers One Resource At A Time!

    Homework Helper-How to Organize your weekly Homework assignments
    Homework is one of those hot topics that each teacher faces yearly in his or her classroom.  How much do you give? Should you give homework at all?   These are two choices we all face as educators.  No matter what you decide or what we are required to do I came up with this little template in the hopes to make my job a little easier when I plan homework.  This template is completely editable for you to type in what you need to add each week.  Click on the picture to grab your copy.  :)

    Free Black History Month Activity - Comparing Harriet Tubman & Rosa Parks

    This activity will give your students a chance to compare and contrast two great women in American history – Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. Students will cut out the phrases then sort and glue them in the correct column. Visit my blog HERE to get the download!

    5 Games to Play with a Hundreds Chart

    A Hundreds chart is a staple in almost any elementary classroom.  Use your hundreds chart with these 5 fun and interactive games!  Great for partner or center work!

    Short A Differentiated Read the Room

    I am always trying to find ways to make my Literacy Centers more differentiated.  I liked the idea of a differentiated Read the Room but I didn't want a bunch of different cards hanging around room.  I'm sure the kids would be confused as to which cards they should go to.  So, instead, I decided to make the recording sheet different.  We do a different Read the Room every week to help practice our phonics skill.  Here is a sample of Short A!  I hope you enjoy it!

    A:  Students write the words with the missing short a vowel.  Then, on the back, they choose six of the words and then draw a picture to go with it.

    B:  Students have to write the word in the sentence and then read the sentence.  Then, on the back, they choose six of the words and then draw a picture to go with it.

     C:  Students have to write the word in the sentence and then read the sentence.  Then, on the back, they choose four words and use them in their own sentence. 

    Starring: Kindness - Readers Theater With a Twist!

    Ever wish your students were kinder to each other? Here's a little freebie that will encourage children to think about kindness. It's a reader's theater script with a twist: the performers and the audience identify the problem and decide how to solve the problem and end the skit! Such fun! Come on over to Elementary Matters for this freebie!

    Free Problem Solving Path Journal from 2nd Grade

    Free problem solving path math journal with 10 word problems for 2nd graders - free resource from Raki's Rad Resources.

    Solving word problems is a way to help students apply what they learn from math skills to real life situations. What better way to present students with real life situations than to present them with places from their own community. This 2nd Grade Problem Solving Path Math Journal gives students 10 word problems from different places in their community, including the school, the train station, the post office and the pizza parlor. Each problem is situated on a neatly organized graphic organizer to guide students through the process of solving the word problem. Download this free math journal from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

    35 Ways to Give Positive Reinforcement with Class Dojo

    Do you use Class Dojo with  your students or do you plan to try it out now that 2017 has started?  I have used it for a  few years now and it is great to help reinforce positive behavior. Through trial and error, I have come up with many options for giving out positive points so I would put something together to help other teachers!  Here is a  free resource with 35 ways to give positive Class Dojo points!  Click here or on the image below to download the freebie!