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Show Off Your Fantastic Classroom Moments

The school year has begun, and many of us have already taken our first field trips of the school year.  I take so many fabulous photos of my students during the school year, and I use our monthly calendar headings to share them with the rest of our school community.

There are so many amazing things we do as a class during the school year.  I use my phone to take group photos of my students, upload them to my google drive when I get home and then upload them my free monthly calendar headings.  My students LOVE seeing all of the pictures I take of them, and it promotes the feeling of community in my classroom.  Here is the free template for the monthly calendar headings. Have fun documenting your school year with your students!

Math Problem Solving Bookmarks

Ah... Problem Solving in math can be a bit... Tricky for kiddos.

That's why I have here for you these free bookmarks that I hope will help them a bit.  It comes from my math workshop problem solving unit! 

Just print on some card stock, laminate, and cut them out!  Your students will love them!

Are you looking for a way to help your students problem solve better in math?  Check out these free problem solving bookmarks.  They are sure to remind your students of the important keys!

You can grab these FREE Problem Solving Bookmarks here

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Manage Homework with Menus - Editable Homework Menu and Printables

Looking for a new homework management solution? Try homework menus! Tips on how to organize your homework practices using menus to motivate your kids and differentiate through choice. Click for details PLUS free printables to get you started.

Looking for a new homework management solution? Try homework menus! Hop on over to my blog for tips on how to organize your homework practices using menus/choice boards, motivate your kids with assignments they enjoy, meet school and district homework expectations while doing what you know is really best for kids, and differentiate through choice.

Head on over for a free editable homework menu, a grading bookmark, and 4 printables to get you started!

Looking for a new homework management solution? Try homework menus! Tips on how to organize your homework practices using menus to motivate your kids and differentiate through choice. Click for details PLUS free printables to get you started.

Have a fab day Super Teacher!<

Autumn Riddle Cards

Hello, Teaching Friends!

Now that autumn has officially arrived, here's a fun way to introduce or review all that uniquely-fall vocabulary. This set of 24 riddle cards and a board game is also great for modeling using key details to infer and to draw conclusions.

Happy Teaching!

September Writing Activities

Grab these FREE September Writing Activities for your classroom! They include Fall Haiku, a September Acrostic Poem, a reading passage and more! Click the image above to see more.

Number Sense with Cuisenaire Rods

Number Sense with Cuisenaire Rods: this post discusses the importance of Number Sense, and gives some suggestions on developing number sense with the use of Cuisenaire Rods. (Includes a freebie!)I absolutely LOVE Cuisenaire Rods for helping children develop their number sense. Haave you noticed how much the children love these manipulatives?

Here's a little freebie to help children get to know number sense and have some fun with Cuisenaire Rods, too! 

Number Sense with Cuisenaire Rods: this post discusses the importance of Number Sense, and gives some suggestions on developing number sense with the use of Cuisenaire Rods. (Includes a freebie!)
Number Sense with Cuisenaire Rods: this post discusses the importance of Number Sense, and gives some suggestions on developing number sense with the use of Cuisenaire Rods. (Includes a freebie!)

Susan Berkowitz’s Fall Halloween Monsters Comparison

The language skills involved in describing, comparing, and contrasting are important for those higher level thinking tasks called for by various standards (including the CCSS and others), as well as by good teachers everywhere.

Here is a fun activity that will have kids laughing their way through the game.  There are 30 little monster game cards for students to practice their describing skills.  There are multiple card pairings for making comparisons without too great a level of difficulty.  You can generate pairs more randomly for more difficulty.
Have a spookily safe Halloween.
And......... keep on talking!

Getting ALL Your Students to Participate
One of the biggest struggles in whole class teaching is to get all your students to participate in the lesson. These are valuable learning times and we, as teachers, know that if students are engaged and participating then learning happens. The trick is finding out how to get them all participating. 

Here is a blog post (and freebie) I wrote to show you how I get all my students to participate in lessons. 

Thanksgiving/Fall Math and Language Activities

In Canada, Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. Here are a couple of activity pages that will help engage students in math and writing activities for the season. If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving until later in the year, grab these now and save them until the holiday is nearer. 
Click on the images to find out more and get your free copies.,

Alphabet Punch Cards

Kids love punching holes! So grab these alphabet punch cards to practice letter recognition and beginning sounds. Letters A-H are free and ready to download.

You'll find links to lots more free alphabet activities, too!

Pop over to Liz's Early Learning Spot to access them now.

These alphabet punch cards are terrific for practicing letter recognition and beginning sounds while working those fingers. A-H are free!

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Long I Vocabulary and Spelling Packets

Free long I spelling and vocabulary set with four differentiated levels where students learn the meaning and spelling of words while working on writing, reading and revising. - Free download from Raki's Rad Resources.

Every classroom I've ever taught in has students with a wide range of abilities. However, they all need to be introduced to certain spelling patterns. This Long I Spelling Patterns Set provides four different levels of Long I words, each with the same spelling patterns and activities. Students will work on the meaning and spelling of these Long I words. Download all four differentiated levels from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Interactive Notebook Freebie from Reading and Writing Redhead

 Writing is  challenging to teach, so I worked some writing activities into my interactive notebook  pages this year, Maybe this freebie will come in handy for you and your students! You can grab this writing freebie from my Second Grade Language Arts Interactive Notebook.  It will help your kiddos work on planning informational writing for a piece about plants and a topic of their choice. If you decide to download it, click here or on the image below. If you do download it, please take a moment and leave feedback. I always appreciate it!

Do You Begin the School Year with a Review of Money?

Your students will love this mixed coin identification color your answer worksheet while learning and reviewing important money skills at the same time! You will love the no prep, print and go printable for US coins with an answer key included. #FernSmithsClassroomIdeas

Hello friends, and Happy Friday! I have an adorable Freebie Friday to share with you today! This Color By Code worksheet has students looking for pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters, heads and tails are included. 

Need a review of money at the start of your school year? This is perfect! The answer key is included too, so you know what the final picture looks like if they ask you questions when they get stuck!  Click here to download it from my blog today!

Visit my blog to download your freebie now,
your students will ♥ love ♥ it!
 Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Word Family Cards With Picture Cues

Free ack family word cards with pictures cues for ell students from Raki's Rad Resources.

Reading word family words is a great way to get early readers reading. Unfortunately students often read word family words without knowing what those words mean. This is especially the case for English Language Learners and those students without a lot of background knowledge. In order to help students understand the meaning of the words they are reading, I created these ACK Word Family Cards with pictures clues. They are available in three different fonts in order to help students read the words in many different ways. Download these free cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Free people -- Your Path Determines Your Destination (AKA Your Destiny) Part 2

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost Poem The Road Not Taken

Health facts (derived from science) don’t say anything, people with an agenda do. People are the ones who gather the data and information and then interpret it. People are the judges if something is good or bad. A person’s worldview can affect how he or she gathers and interprets evidence, data or information. My world view is based on the fact that I’m old. I remember when the world was going to come to an end because of global cooling. The experts (scientists) that created that hysteria, still have not apologized for the damage they caused.

For a Health class to be relevant to kids, they have to learn to be free people. To be free, a person has to learn to interpret information from a variety of sources. In my class, students begin to interpret information through the lens of their desires for their future (Goals or Good Intentions Unit), which is different from what they might want right now. Students come to class with a worldview informed by different life experiences emanating from family, peers and cultural messaging from media. When the class approaches a health topic (drugs, sex, nutrition, exercise, how to say NO) each student begins to evaluate the information with their own philosophical assumptions derived from their world view.   They know what they know. Who am I to tell them different? Class tends to be much more effective when the student recognizes, “I didn’t think of that.” A world view just got bigger.

Students are an important element in the making of good instruction; by listening to them, you learn to not just feed them information from experts telling them the best way to live. I’ve learned that a group of students can solve almost any problem or give good advice, as well as any expert, provided they are not emotionally involved with the issue. To engage them, you must figure out how to make them want to seek out facts and apply logic to the very issues that prevent them from being who they want to be. Any student will tell you the very things that will mess them up are — Sex, drugs and rock and roll (otherwise known as fitting in with the prevailing culture). Culture points us toward a direction, and direction is a path that leads us to a destination.   I always start my class with a Goals or Good Intentions Unit. It puts the class in a context of seeking out facts that will enable a student to find a path that will lead them to their specific goals -- something other than an unspecific Cool. Cool is like fashion; it always changes.   Becoming a doctor, teacher, or an accountant, having high standards of conduct, being physically fit is more future oriented than fashionable. Kids are more fashion (right now) oriented. To crack through the fashionable now, what they know to be true based on their history and current situation, you must get them thinking about their future and their personal pursuit of happiness.

Next Week we will finish this Free People series with: Free People – Why we teach a Drug Unit in Health Class.