Classroom Freebies

Free Problem Solving Journal for 2nd Grade

 Free August Math Problem Solving Journal from Raki's Rad Resources

Start out the year by introducing students to the fact that problem solving happens in real life situations with this Problem Solving Path Journal for 2nd grade. Students have ten word problems set in real life locations from their neighborhoods. Each word problem works on a second grade standard and is set into a graphic organizer that will both guide their thinking process and help you give them quality feedback on their work. Download this journal for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Classroom Rules Minions Video

• This Minions Classroom Rules video currently has 2,041,332 views on YouTube
• Use this video to introduce, discuss and develop a set of class rules with your students

Class Rules

1. No gum
2. Be a good friend
3. Control bodily functions
4. Always follow directions and listen to the teacher
5. No teasing or bullying others
6. Don’t waste time when you leave the room
7. Keep your hands to yourself
8. Respect other learners by not disrupting
9. Supportive when working in groups
10. Leave toys at home
11. Keep cellphones turned off in backpacks
12. Ask for help when you need it
13. Keep your area clean

Minions Class Rules Video Lesson

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I Have Who Has Antonym Game for Small Groups

Do your  students need antonym practice? Are they excited about the I Have Who Has style games? If so, this free superstar themed game will help your students practice. You can easily use this game in a small group for extra practice; there are not enough cards for a full class to use. 

Click here or on the image below to download it. If you can take a moment and leave some feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

Free Mister and Me Idioms Activity

 Free figurative language and idioms task sheet - great for novel study of Mister and Me - free from Raki's Rad Resources.

The novel Mister and Me by Kimberly Willis Holt presents us with many examples of idioms and figurative language. This Language Task Sheet helps students to explore these examples in their literal and figurative forms. Download this free sheet to use in your novel study, reading centers or independent work checklist from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Bee-Themed "READ" Banner

Have a bee-themed classroom?  Add this adorable "READ" banner from The Classroom Nook to your classroom library for an instant pop of color!

Grab it for free HERE.


Back to School Reading Surveys

As I get my reading center ready for the new school year, I think about the different reading interests of my students. I want to include books that interest students.

I use a back to school reading survey to find out about the reading activities and interests of my students.

The surveys can be used in the classroom with small groups or whole class or sent home as a homework activity. You may want to use them with your students who are struggling with choosing just right books.

Each survey is two pages long. Use the ones that are appropriate for your class of students.

Click HERE to download.


Monitor Classroom Noise -

  • Use this website as a fun way to monitor classroom noise levels!
  • Show this website with the use of a projector to your students as they are working.
  • The balls bounce higher as the volume of the classroom increases, giving students a visual indicator to lower their voices.

Visit my Facebook Blog for more EdTech ideas and tips...

TeachwithTech has been blogging and sharing lots of EdTech content on our Facebook Page and we have grown to over 2500 followers and likes! Blogging on Facebook offers a number of advantages such as the ability to easily comment, like and share content. If you are on Facebook, please check out and follow our page to get more updated posts about Educational Technology…

Shark Week Math Games

Hi, Teaching Friends!

What little learner isn't fascinated by sharks? Take advantage of the fact that Shark Week is coming up quickly, and add these shark-themed games to your math centers! They're each just one page, with no cards to print and cut.

Fun for now, or whenever you're looking for some extra opportunities to practice missing addends and missing subtrahends.

Don't miss out on the bonus shark freebies also included in this post!

Happy Teaching!

Free Back To School Puzzle

Back to school time can be filled with craziness and random slots of free time. I use this word scramble to help fill those times between activities or school events.
VERY little prep is required.... just print and go!!!!
Click on the picture (or here) to get your copy today. 

Free Multiplication Center - Tiling Puzzle

 Free multiplication tiling puzzle for critical thinking and math understanding - from Raki's Rad Resources.

Help your students activate their problem solving abilities with this multiplication tiling puzzle. Students can only use each tiling piece one time, so they are required to not only use their multiplication and division skills but also their critical thinking skills. This puzzle makes a great math center or even an assessment of where students are with their understanding of multiplication. Download this free puzzle from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Communicate! A FREE Ice Breaker Game by Looks Like Language

Make your life easier with this free and easy ice breaker game from Looks Like Language!
Whether you are starting up summer school or gearing up for back to school, this FREE game can help you out!

Your students can play the icebreaker game to get to know each other, then follow up with one of the short and sweet activity ideas on the last page.

There's too much to do! Make your life easier and download this freebie at my store!


"Pattern Block Pals" Craft

Do your students play with pattern blocks? They are one of my kiddos’ favorite math manipulatives.

With that in mind, I designed these cute “Pattern Block Pals”, which will help children learn the names of the shapes.

They’re a simple way to review colors as well.

The packet includes plain shapes, shapes with the shape word, plus shapes with faces.  Pick your favorite type of pattern, or give children a choice.

You don’t have to, but I run them off on the matching colors of  construction paper, so that a trapezoid is red etc

The gloved-hands and sneakers add to the cuteness factor, while the accordion-folded “legs” provide great fine motor  practice, which helps strengthen finger muscles.

Completed projects make an adorable “Shaping Up!” bulletin board.

Click on the link to zip on over to my blog, where the Pattern Block Pals are today’s featured FREEBIE.

From Diane, over at

Teach Math Vocabulary with this Froggy Freebie!

The concepts of more, less and altogether are important vocabulary concepts for your students.

 Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Freebie by Speech Sprouts
Frogs and Flies: Quantity Concepts Click HERE
Many children, particularly those who need help developing their oral language skills, struggle with understanding the basic vocabulary concepts needed for success in learning math.

Teach math vocabulary the way young children learn best: through hands-on activities. 

That's why I created this fun little booklet and the accompanying dough mats for you.

The color version of this activity is perfect for rolling out little "flies" to count.

Laminate the color version or pop it in a page protector to use. Make little dough flies to teach the vocabulary. Count the flies. Which frog has more? Less? How many altogether?

Next, get out an ink pad and make fingerprint "flies" in your math center.

Stamp a fingerprint and draw wings to create the correct number of flies on each side of the page. The booklet can be a great home practice activity too.

 Head to Speech Sprouts to Download this activity HERE. 

Happy Summer!

Vocabulary Sheet for Lawn Boy

A boy begins to make money mowing lawns. One of his clients is a stockbroker who offers to invest the money for him and the business soon grows beyond what he can handle.

Lawn Boy has many financial terms -- especially in the chapter titles.  Visit this post at Artistry of Education to download an organizer to keep track of new vocabulary words.

Artistry of Education

Memory Strategy Techniques for Students Empowerment Freebie

One of the best ways to help your students improve grades is to teach them memory strategies. This can provide the tools so they can easily encode new information.  I offer a free download on my blog that shows you how to teach this skill.  Click here to download this freebie today.


Dr. Erica Warren