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Free Twister Graphing Activities

Free twister graphing activity for your math class from Raki's Rad Resources.

I'm sure your kiddos are as squirmy as mine this time of the year. Keep them active with this Twister Graphing Acitivity in order to keep them settled down and still learning. You can download this free sheet from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

Exercising Working Memory: Sample Activities for Student Success

Do any of students struggle with working memory? Do they have a hard time learning new concepts? Perhaps they need to exercise this core skill. Dr. Erica Warren will show you how and you can even download some free activities here.

Cheers, Dr. Erica Warren

New Geometry and Measurement Resource

Double the Dimensions is an activity where students measure the area and perimeter of various polygons, then double the sides to see what happens to the area.  I have included a worksheet for students to collect their data and write a conclusion, some pre-printed polygons on centimeter graph paper and some blank centimeter graph paper for students to create and test their own polygons.

Please visit Artistry of Education @ Teachers Pay Teachers to download this new resource.

Metric Posters

 These are a set of seven posters (kilometer, hectometer, dekameter, meters, decimeter, centimeter, and millimeter) - one set in color, the other in black and white.

These are a great reference for your students when they are tackling metric conversions.
click image to get freebie

I have also used them during whole group instruction - I pass out all seven posters and then have the seven students get themselves in the correct order at the front of the room. The students that are seated can help if they are having difficulty. Repeat until everyone has had a turn.

Sea of Knowledge's Free Gingerbread Color Match Pompoms Activity Cards

Gingerbread Color Match Pompoms Activity Cards: Last week we did a gingerbread color match activity which had Bella using her fine motor skills to place each pom pom on the colored circles shown on each gingerbread man card.


Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Thanksgiving Story Problem Freebie

My students always need practice with addition story problems  so I created a Thanksgiving themed story problem practice for them. I thought you might also  like s to try it just in time for the last few days before the holiday! Grab it from my Teachers Pay Teachers store and if you do and can take a moment and leave feedback, I am always very appreciative!

Fern Smith's FREE Winter Addition Center with Notebook Activity!

Fern Smith's FREE Winter Kids Addition Center and Interactive Notebook Activity!
 FREE Winter Make Ten Addition Center and Notebook Activity

This FREE Center Games has a center game cover, cards, student directions and a notebook page for a terrific follow up activity.
Fern Smith's FREE Winter Addition Center and Interactive Notebook Activity!

In addition, you get this winter themed MATH CENTER sign!
Fern Smith's FREE Winter Addition Center with Notebook Activity!

Also, teacher directions, a variety of ways to make and use the centers and a Common Core page for your lesson plans.

Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Your students will ♥love♥ it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas Freebies at Classroom Freebies

Book vs. Movie - Great for Wonder or any other movie version

Okay, so usually the book really is better, but it's fun to see the movie too, especially with your students. Especially when the book is awesome - like Wonder, which I am sure you know is out in theaters now. You can help your students dig a little deeper into the movie - comparing and contrasting it to the book with this free printable! 

Happy Teaching,
Rachel Lynette

Free Addition with Regrouping Math Center

Free hungry hungry hippo sheet for a math center on addition with regrouping. Free download from Raki's Rad Resources.

Making learning fun is a key to getting students to work on challenging skills like addition with regrouping. This free game sheet gives students the chance to use Hungry, Hungry, Hippo marbles to create addition problems. Students then race to see who can complete the addition problems quickest. This makes a great math center for second or third grade. Download the free sheet from my blog - Raki's Rad Resources.

Free Thanksgiving Bookmarks

Here is a sweet little freebie to send home with your friends for Thanksgiving.

Just click HERE to download this freebie. I'd love to know what you think of it.

Hanukkah Game Board

Hanukkah Game Board Freebie: Want to bring a bit of Hanukkah into your classroom? Download this freebie, which can be used to practice any skill!
Looking for a little something to help your kids celebrate Hanukkah. This game can be used in many ways in the classroom! Board games like this to practice sight words, math facts, sentence fluency, or any skill that needs practicing! Just click this link to download your Hanukkah Game Board Freebie! 

Free Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are a great way for students to share their understanding of a story that they are reading. These freebies work for any fiction story - picture book, early reader or even chapter book. 
Free graphic organizers to use with any fiction text. #graphicorganizers #fiction #literacy #sarajcreations

FREE Thanksgiving Resources for Your Classroom!

Your Students Will Love These FREE Resources!

Your students will get into the holiday season using these reading, writing, and math activities.  They will learn about clothing in the fall, even and odd numbers, Thanksgiving, and hibernation. There is also a picce of stationery for them to write whatever you choose!

Created by

Number Aerobics and Counting Every Morning

Free number aerobics poster to get students moving and counting - from Raki's Rad Resources.

Get your kids up and moving every morning with number aerobics. Have students complete these movements each morning while they count helps them understand groups of ten. This number aerobics poster is a free download on my blog - Raki's Rad Resources - and it guides you through movements from 1 - 100. 


Turkey Craft for Thanksgiving

Are you teaching the week of Thanksgiving  like I am ? Then you might want to try this fun and easy turkey craft with my class each year.  It won't take much prep - just need to make a couple tracers for the students have some brown and colored construction paper handy. I have my students write a short sentence about something they are thankful for on each feather. You can modify it or change what is on the feathers too or leave the feathers blank.   Click on the image for the turkey craft at my TPT store. If you do grab it an can take a minute and leave feedback, I'd be so grateful!