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Easter Egg Telling Time puzzles

  Easter will be here before you know it.  We are adding these Easter eggs to one of our math center rotations to review and practice digital and analog time.  These are great to laminate and place inside a pencil box for your students to use during Daily Math rounds.  Head on over and grab your free set. 

Free Easter Egg Math Activities

There are so many fun and educational activities that can be done with plastic eggs! They are festive, inexpensive, and kids of all ages love them! I’ve compiled some math activities of various levels into this download to give you a spring activity or math center that your kids will love!

Subject and Predicate Match Up

This  hands on activity for subjects and predicates will have students either cutting and gluing subjects and predicates to make complete sentences or you can laminate the pieces and reuse it, having students record their sentences on writing paper. Click here or on the image below to grab it. If you do pick it up, please leave some feedback . I always appreciate it! Thanks.

Synonym Practice Worksheets for Grades K-5

How do you teach synonyms in the classroom?   Keep reading to find out some ideas!

What if you taught synonyms like a word detective?  The class needs to find the clues that lead to a hidden mystery word.  Each day, you share another synonym for a common word and place it on a word wall or anchor chart.   The master lists of synonyms grows each day, as does the student guesses as their ideas are eliminated when a new word is added.

The look of excitement in their faces is so pleasing to watch.  The thrill of hearing their guesses while realizing that their word choice is suddenly so much larger than it has been before.  Learning  has never been more fun!

Why teach synonyms?

The best reason to teach synonyms is honestly for a wider variety of word choice that expands the vocabulary library.  Isn't our goal to grow students into better readers and thinkers?  By doing specific activities in school where students use their knowledge to create more complex sentences, it enhances their ability to communicate with others.

After working on a classroom brainstorming list to pool together various words that can mean the same thing, make a master list of the words and photocopy one for each child to keep within his or her writing folder for easy reference while writing.

I guarantee if you ask students to swap out just one word from their writing this week for another option in their vocabulary book, you will start to see students using better words more often.  The bonus is that you will start to hear it in their speaking skills as well.

How do you teach synonyms and antonyms?

Usually teaching synonyms and antonyms goes hand in hand, much like peanut butter and jelly.  It doesn't always have to be taught simultaneously, but they are certainly two pieces of the grammar pie that go together very well.

Anchor charts are a great way to teach this strategy too!

This one is super cute and shows how to connect the S in synonym with the word same.

Love that these are petals of flowers!   It would go great with the free synonyms worksheets I have for you below!

You just can't have a post about teaching synonyms with seeing cinnamon rolls - haha!

Another way I have always taught synonyms in the past is through literature.  A few great choices are:
Need something more hands-on?   How about a free pdf printable pack?

I have created a fun version of a color-by-number activity:   Spring Color-By-Synonyms!  Super fun, right?

This completely free pack of printables includes 6 worksheets - 3 that are simple synonym choices for the K-2 crowd and 3 that are of a higher difficulty level.  {Did someone use the word rigor?}

Of course, they are all included in the free set to use interchangeably with your students' needs.  I know how you probably have a classroom full of students that could use either version, so they will all be at your fingertips for the taking!

A word of warning:  the higher difficulty versions do include some words not regularly used as synonyms as I specifically wanted to make it challenging.  Many students will need a thesaurus or dictionary to look up the meanings of the word in question.

This can be done in traditional book form, my personal favorite way to teach referencing skills in addition to the synonym unit, but students could also feasibly use an online version such as or to assist them in working through the words.

These free worksheets for synonym practice can be used during your lesson, as a homework assignment, morning work, centers, or even as an extension activity for your gifted students who might be ready to tackle something a bit harder.

All the answer keys are also included in the packet so you can check it in a flash.

Make sure to download your free Spring Color by Synonyms Printable Pack below right now!
  How do you teach synonyms for improving vocabulary and writing skills in your classroom? Here are a few ideas and a free color by synonym printable pack for grades K-5! Enjoy! #synonyms #synonymsactivities

How do you usually cover synonyms and/or antonyms in your classroom?   We love ideas around here!  Leave your ideas in a comment at Organized Classroom!  #sharingiscaring


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Sea of Knowledge's (Totschooling) Alphabet Matching Uppercase Lowercase Easter Chicks Free

These fun Spring themed alphabet printables are just the perfect addition to any preschool classroom or homeschool. The kids will enjoy hunting for the ‘alphabet eggs’ and matching the letters onto their mats.

Alphabet Matching Uppercase Lowercase Easter Chicks Free
Head on over to the BLOG POST HERE to download this freebie! 

Free Fractions Task Cards and Worksheet

Are you teaching your students to identify and name fractions? Do you want to try something new?

Have you heard about BOOM Digital Task Cards?

Boom Cards are NO PREP for the teacher! For the kids, they are FUN Digital Task Cards! They are also Paperless and Self-Correcting! These cards are a real game-changer in the classroom but they are also great for homework assignments too!

I have a free set of BOOM Cards for you to try. Click on the picture above to go to my blog to learn more about the cards and to get the link for your free set.

Plus I also have a FREE worksheet for your students to accompany the cards.
FREE Fractions Worksheet

Have fun with math!


How to Teach Word Families - 4 Simple Steps

Hey y'all!  Jen Bradshaw here, from

How to Teach Word Families FREEBIE - 4 Simple Steps -

If you teach beginning reading, or if you have students that are struggling with decoding and phonics, you will want to check out this post.

Best wishes!

Jen Bradshaw


Seashore Writing Paper

I've had enough of winter, haven't you? Let's pretend it's summer! This blog post has several ideas and resources to help lift yourself out of your winter doldrums!
The East Coast is in the middle of yet another Winter Storm.

If you're anything like me, you've had enough!

In order to escape too much winter, I'm sharing a little something "warm!"
Here's a Seashore Themed Paper freebie to help warm you up!

I've had enough of winter, haven't you? Let's pretend it's summer! This blog post has several ideas and resources to help lift yourself out of your winter doldrums!

Just come on over Elementary Matters and check it out!

Free Easter Math

This cute math activity can be used for Easter, or anytime during the spring! The download includes 4 different versions so you can differentiate in your class as needed!

Free Flower Themed Calendar

It's beggining to look a lot like least around where I live.  This fun, free flower calendar is the perfect to use for homework or behavior this time of the year.

Just click HERE to download this freebie.  Hope you enjoy!

Math Riddle Task Cards for Challenging Fun!

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Are you looking for an easy-prep math center activity that will have your little mathematicians begging for more?  Math riddle task cards to the rescue!

The 17 cards in this set provide you with practice in a variety of topics ... addition, subtraction, coins, comparison signs, two-digit numbers, adding and subtracting tens, and more.  They're a fun way to review math vocabulary, and are a motivating way to include spiral review in your program!

Click to find out more about math riddle task cards, and to get your free set!

Happy Teaching!

April Fool's Day Math Story Problems

April Fool's Day Math Story Problems: Elementary Matters
Did you realize April Fool's Day is coming???

How do I bring April Fool's day into Math?  With Problem solving, of course!  Check out my April Fool's Day Math Freebie! (Click image to download!)

Twelve Apostles Mini Book

This free mini book is perfect for teaching students about the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. This is great for a Sunday school or Catholic school setting. Just assemble the book, color and cut apart the Apostles and glue them into the accordion style book. 

Free twelve apostles mini book to learn about the original apostles of Jesus Christ

Passport Autobiography Writing Activity

 Passport Autobiography

I am always looking for new ways to publish student writing. My students just finished mini autobiographies, and we published them in passport booklets using a template I created on MSPublisher. It was a great project that integrated biography writing, review of transitional words, and keyboarding and computer skills.

I used our class novel, Snow Treasure by McSwigan, as a launching point for the autobiography writing. I gave the students a writing frame to help organize their ideas, and they used the same style to share memories as the character in the story.

In your class, you can adapt the autobiography writing to fit your curriculum. This Passport Autobiography Resource has a printable template that students can handwrite their information, or you can use the MSPublisher templates and let students type. There is even an editable template, so you can customize the passport for a non-U.S. country.


Public Service Announcement—Cursive is Coming Back

I remember when it was decided by the WIZARDS OF SMART, that kids didn’t need to learn to write in cursive.  It was a waste of class time for students and teachers.  Cursive writing was passe, old fashioned and behind the times.  Computers are new, modern and cool. Last but not least, common core education standards that guide many states’ curriculum policies don’t emphasize it.

TEACHERS, But, But, need to learn to write cursive because:

  • Your signature is in cursive.  Look at the documents you sign.  There is a place to print your name and a place for your signature.
  • If you don’t learn cursive, you won’t be able to read historical documents like diaries, original historical documents.  Cursive will be like a foreign language.
  • These kids will have to take notes in middle and high school.  Studies tell us, you remember more if you physically write something down. Before you wrote it, you decided it was important information that you would need later for__________________
WIZARDS OF SMART  the train is leaving the station, get on board.  

TEACHERS:  I’m tired of hearing about that dumb train!!!!!!

The years went by and guess what?  This generation of students who didn’t learn to write cursive  are now in college  AND  their college professors just HATE, HATE, HATE looking out over a sea of laptops wondering if these kids are: 

The academic world pushes NEW and therefore BETTER ideas down on school districts who in turn push them down on teachers and their students (who are the ones who pay for this foolishness).  What does around comes around, the college academic world does not like what some Educational Academic started all those years ago.  You are going to love this quote, “I got really tired of seeing them out there on their laptops and doing something other than pay attention to me.” (Carol Holstead, a University of Kansas Associate Journalism professor)1  Every teacher who reads this will say DDDDAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.   

In conclusion, professors are now banning laptops and declaring their classes are a tech free zone.  Some are even writing articles about why they are banning laptops which inspires other professors to do the same. And of course, being in ACADEMIA one must site studies demonstrating those who type notes retain less than those who write notes.

Students are complaining that all this writing is hurting their hands.

Teachers always need a good laugh and a great idea.   google, Jeanne Robertson,  Learning Cursive

1 Wall Street Journal.  I’d Be an A Student if I Could Just Read My Notes.