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Fern Smith's FREE Classroom Beach Themed Signs
You don't have to live in Florida to enjoy a beach theme! 
 Let me help you get started with a beach theme for your classroom!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

So long summer; hello school year: writing prompt craftivity

Here's a quick, easy and fun writing prompt for back to school.  Completed projects look awesome dangling from the ceiling, swirling and twirling as they wave so long to summer, and hello to a brand new school year.

Give students a variety of construction paper color choices to trace their hand and arm on.  They trim and cut out.  Run off the writing prompt rectangles.  (I've included templates for preschool through 8th grade.) 

Younger students could do this with the help of their parents at Open House or Meet the Teacher Night.

Students color and complete the prompt, using words and phrases about things pertaining to summer, as well as the new grade that they're in. They glue these to the front and back of their hand. (This makes an interesting Daily 5 activity too.)

For a bit more pizzazz, students can draw on polished fingernails and jewelry.  (I used a flat-backed rhinestone to make a ring.)

After students share, punch a hole in a finger tip, add a yarn tie and suspend from the ceiling.  Your caption could be "High Fives For Wonderful Writing."  

Click on the link for the So Long Summer; Hello School Year writing prompt craftivity.
From Diane, over at

Where Are We? English and French Flip Book

I know many people tell me they do a 'Me on the Map' unit in their classrooms. These nifty flip books will make an amazing visual to help your kids learns exactly where they fit into this big, beautiful world of ours. Get yours in English or in French!

Getting to Know You Back to School Paper Quizzers (Cootie Catchers)

This paper quizzer (cootie catcher) will be sure to engage your students at the beginning or anytime of the year. Spanish version included, too.

Tabitha Carro

Fern Smith's FREE Interactive Notebook Activity for Long i and Short i Vowels

Come visit my blog to try this Interactive Notebook Activity. If you don't use notebooks, you can have the students simply glue it down on some construction paper for a different twist to seatwork!
Click here to download it at my blog!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Your kids will ♥love it!
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas
Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

Comparing and Contrasting ... Some Extra Practice!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

If your students could use some extra practice comparing and contrasting to identify similarities and differences, give this set a try. There are six pages, using graphic organizers, partner talk, charts, and more! Great for whole class or small group lessons!

Happy Teaching!

A *Berry* Easy Back to School Treat!

Are you scrambling to get those last minute details together for Meet the Teacher or Open House? On a tight back-to-school budget? This easy freebie should be the perfect fit for your wallet, and your students will love it!

Seriously, it took me all of $10 and five minutes to put these together. You'll need some fruit snacks and this cutie-patootie tag... that's it!

To grab your own copy, click on the picture above and you can snag them for yourself!

A 'Getting to Know Your Child' Questionnaire


I guess I had second grade on the original questionnaire, so I made this a little more generic for multiple grade levels. Instead of using a grade, I just said 'this school year.' I hope this helps you out!

 I love to have parents fill out this questionnaire because it not only helps me get to know the kids, but their families as well. 
Just have them fill the forms out and you will see what I mean! 

                                           Have a great school year!

Compare/Contrast Books and Movies Printable

Let your students take a turn being a critic comparing books and their movie counterparts.  Download this worksheet to use after you have read the book and then seen the movie version. Great for comparing and contrasting and thinking critically about how the movie was made.

Happy Teaching!

Kids Learning Under Construction!

If any of you know me very well, you know I love giving my kids all sorts of word work to do! I like these pages because there is just one word family per page.  I always put them in page protectors and have answers on the back.

I know your kids will love them . . . Mine do!

Check them out and enjoy this short o pack for free!

All About Me!

This is an activity that can be used for an unit on text features/nonfiction.
It was also be perfect to use for Back to School or send home over an extended break!
There's nine pages total that can be used separately or together to create a booklet:

Please hop over to my blogpost to pick up your own copy!
I'd love to hear how you use it with your own students!

Strengthening Working Memory: Free Sample Activity

Are some of your students forgetful?  Do they misplace materials, bark out irrelevant comments, and misinterpret multi-step directions?  These behaviors can be traced to working memory difficulties. 

Working memory is a part of the brain that helps students remember and select relevant information to complete a task.  It is a workspace that helps learners block distractions, maintain attention and stay in tune with their environment.

Come on over to my blogpost that offers a working memory freebie as well as information on how working memory impacts academics and some common symptoms.  
Dr. Erica Warren

Class Book: Getting to Know You

I've found that class books are not only opportunities for engaging students in writing, but also a great way to motivate students to read.

This is one to use during the beginning of the school year when the students are getting to know each other.

It's called, Our Class: A Getting to Know You Class Book.

Use this as the cover.

Choose from an assortment of "getting to know you" writing activities for the book pages.

Compile the children's writing into a class book and place it in your reading center. I find that class books are some of the most read books in our classroom library.

Click on the pictures above to download for free.

Apple Sense

Increase your students' writing skills with this quick and easy "apple "craftivity" that reinforces the use of adjectives, as well as involves the 5 senses.

Have students choose either red, green or yellow construction paper for their apples, so you cover that science fact as well.

For that finishing touch, add a photo.   Completed projects make an "apple-icious" bulletin board, or hang back-to-back from the ceiling.

Click on the link to grab your copy. Apple Senses

From Diane, over at


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