Classroom Freebies

Free Informational Writing Prompt

Free informational writing prompt to cover the writing process from Raki's Rad Resources

Informational writing requires organization of ideas. This Informational Writing Prompt helps students organize their thoughts using an outline format. The students then take their organized ideas and write them out into a draft. When they are done writing, they will find a revising and editing checklist and a grading rubric to help them refine their work. Download this free prompt from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


Practice any words with this easy activity. Just type in your words, print off the cards, cut out some hearts and get reading and writing! Great for individuals, pairs and small group work. 

Pop over to Liz's Early Learning Spot to download this free activity. 

While you're there, check out the links to 23 other free heart-themed activities.

Practice any words with this free Valentines reading and writing activity!

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Snowman Freebie 3 by Looks Like Language

Get this open ended snowman themed freebie from Looks Like Language!
How are all of you in the (normally) warm states doing this winter? If you are getting snow (and snow days) are the students finding it fun?

It is a great year for a snowman theme! Get your last section of the packet over at my blog!

Enjoy your Friday Freebie!

100 Day certificates

Is your 100th day of school right around the corner? 

In celebration of being "100 days smarter", I like to have a little something on my students' desks, as they walk in on 100 Day.

One of the things they receive is a certificate of praise.

This packet includes 18 certificates. Some are in color, others black & white.

As a classroom management incentive tool, run off extras for students to earn.

I hope your kiddos enjoy their certificates as much as mine do. 

I've created others for various milestones like learning letters, shapes, skip counting... 

I'LL never forget Dillon, one of my young fives, who every time he earned one, glued it in a special notebook
He was so proud of it, that he brought it in to share for Show & Tell time.

Many of my other students were so impressed, that they started doing the same thing!

I had no idea how important a simple piece of paper made my students feel.

Click on the link to grab your set of 100 Day certificates.
From Diane, over at 

Polka Dot Alphabet Puzzles

In my early years of teaching kindergarten so many of my littlest learners came to me with all kinds of letter recognition abilities.  I had some who knew all of their letters and others who did not know what a letter was.  These little puzzles were a great reinforcement during our center time to help those learn their letters and gave others practice making the letters.  A win win for all of them! Head on over and grab your set.

Math Posters for Comparison Symbols

Our class makes number comparisons in math throughout the year. Some students need extra support with the symbols during guided math groups or when working independently. Having these comparison symbols posters displayed and available for student use is helpful for these students.

They're also perfect when introducing the math symbols.

Click on the pictures for a free download.

Interactive Notebooks Pages - Writing

Have you used interactive notebooks in the past and want to add to the materials you have? Check out this freebie! These writing interactive notebook pages will come in handy for you ! You can grab this freebie from the Second Grade Language Arts Interactive Notebook.  It will help your kiddos work on planning informational writing for a piece about plants and a topic of their choice. If you decide to download it, click here or on the image below. If you do download it, please take a moment and leave feedback. I always appreciate it!

Free Math Word Problem Graphic Organizer

Free math problem solving strategies graphic organizer from Raki's Rad Resources.

There are so many different problem solving strategies, but students often only use one - draw a picture. This Problem Solving Graphic Organizer encourages them to solve the same problem in a variety of ways so that they can not only learn about different ways to solve a math word problem, but also learn how to choose the "best" strategy for a particular problem. Download this free graphic organizer from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Behavior Management Tips!

Do you ever struggle with coming up with new classroom management ideas for those few children who seem to push your buttons no matter what you do?   I feel you.  I've been there before for sure.

Stop at Organized Classroom and download a free 9-page eBook filled with ideas from the OC fans!

Just maybe you'll find something that makes the difference.



Winter Olympics Alphabet Cards & Building Vocabulary Word Work Activities

There are so many things you can do with this Olympic Word Packet.  

Use the Olympic alphabet cards for games, a bulletin board boarder, puzzles, centers, flashcards, sorting, your word wall etc.  

There's an alphabetical list of 528 words associated with the Olympics + 364 mini word cards students can alphabetize, or sort into nouns, verbs and adjectives on the Olympic word sorting mat. 

Have students choose 3-5 word cards and make up sentences using them.  (A great Daily 5 word work activity.) I've included a worksheet for this.

Pass out an alphabet card to each student and have them find and place all of the Olympic mini word cards that start with that letter under it.   

Challenge students to write Olympic words in their vocabulary building journal.  ( A cover is provided.) You can have older students look up and define any words that they don't know.

Click on the link to zip on over to my website to pick up your Winter Olympics Alphabet Cards & Vocabulary Building Word Work Packet. 

From Diane, over at

Free Shape Words Puzzle

Free shape words self correcting puzzle from Raki's Rad Resources.

The words that name shapes are definitely sight words and not good words for sounding out. In order to help students work on reading these sight words, I created this Shape Words Self-Correcting Puzzle where students match the word to the shape. Because each shape only matches with the correct word, students automatically know if they are correct. Download this puzzle for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Celebrate 100 Days with This Freebie

Is the 100th Day of School approaching for you?  Here is a fun little gift and activity for your friends to celebrate this special day.

This freebie includes a boy and girl bookmark as well as a bookmark to show what 100 looks like.  There is also a "tens" puzzle that you can have students color and cut out, or print off the one in color, laminate and use it as a center.  Just click HERE to download all these goodies.  Hope you enjoy!

Counting to 1,000

Understanding the concept of 1,000 is a tough one for some children.  To help them out, I give each child a color coded copy of the numbers 0 - 1,000.  (Download HERE or click image.) I also have a couple of these posted on the wall.

A Fun Game to Practice 2 Digit Addition

The Greatest Sum - an Addition Game with Strategy and Fun! This game practices adding 2-4 digit numbers with many variations! Here's a fun game! I've used it for years, and the children always LOVE it! it requires a little strategy, a little luck, and a whole lot of fun! The children don't even realize they're practicing multi-digit addition! Come on over to Elementary Matters to grab your freebie!
The Greatest Sum - an Addition Game with Strategy and Fun! This game practices adding 2-4 digit numbers with many variations!
The Greatest Sum - an Addition Game with Strategy and Fun! This game practices adding 2-4 digit numbers with many variations!

Free Penguin Hundreds Chart Math Activity

Your students will love practicing place value and number sense while they discover the cute penguin mystery picture! 

There are 2 different work pages included so you can differentiate as needed for your students!

Get the freebie HERE!