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Cloud in a Jar Water Cycle Demo

Are you studying about the water cycle or weather? Amaze your students by creating a cloud in a jar! You'll need a large jar, hot water, a match, and some ice. I love this activity because it allows students to see evidence of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation - a real water cycle in the jar!

Click to download the Cloud in a Jar Water Cycle Demo freebie from Teaching Resources. It includes directions, follow-up questions with answers, and a science journal prompt. Please test this out at home before trying it with students because you will have to vary the amount of water and ice depending on the size of the jar. I like using the giant glass pickle jar shown in this picture, but I've been told that it works with smaller jars as well.

Need more water cycle and weather activities? You can find them in the Science folder in my online File Cabinet. Science becomes so much more meaningful when we engage the students through demonstration, discussions, and hands-on activities. Have fun creating your cloud in a jar!