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Read and Write on the Road

To get students excited about reading and writing, teachers know the importance of including lots of fun literacy activities within the daily schedule. We encourage parents to do the same thing at home.  You can share this printable with parents in your next newsletter, or as a unique handout at parent teacher conferences to inspire families to squeeze a bit of literacy (and fun) into another part of their daily routine. 

Do your students spend time in the car?  Traveling from home to school, or to soccer practice and ballet lessons?  Why not use that time to practice beginning letter sounds and rhyming, or cause and effect relationships...

Read and Write on the Road is a little booklet full of literacy games to do in the car. Parents can throw it in the glove box to pull out when the kids need a fun distraction to pass the miles.  (-Or to pass time while waiting for big brother to finish soccer practice, or for the food to arrive at the restaurant.)

If you’d like more ideas for parents on how to create a print-rich home through simple literacy routines and activities, visit me at, or at  


  1. I love, love, love this idea. I have 2 students in my class who travel quite frequently, so I intend to give each family a set the next time they hit the road.

    The only concern I had was this: the font size. Okay, so I've noticed lately that I'm having a harder than usual time reading small font (middle age has crept into my eyesight) so maybe the younger parents wouldn't have this problem.

    I like the fact that the cards are small--it can fit into almost any purse or glove compartment. But maybe a version with 2 cards on a page for us older folk??? :) But anyway, this idea is fantastic and I plan to share it with parents in my classroom.

    Thank you for creating and sharing your work!!!

  2. I'm so glad you can use Read and Write on the Road! Good point about the font. I did purposely make it small so it would be portable ( and a paper saver) but right now I'm working on another document and I will investigate offering different print size options. For now, would it work to blow up the size of the original on your school copy machine to 11 x 17? That might help. Thanks so much for the nice comments! Let me know how it works out for you.


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