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Facebook Fun In Your Classroom!

You know how Facebook can be so addictive?  It's just as addictive for your students, too!  That's why it makes such a great writing motivator in your classroom. 
I made "Classbook" templates that are perfect for running through a poster maker so that your students can share their thoughts in status updates!

My class poster hangs in our hallway.  Students are allowed to update their statues using white sentence strips trimmed to the width of the poster when they are finished with all their work (including unfinished work from previous assignments).  All of a sudden some students who usually had a build up of work in their Unfinished Work folders were caught up!

Another great way to use it is as a Writing center!  It can be a weekly staple for your students if you let them update their statuses each week at Writing center.  There are many, many ways to implement it in the classroom.  Whichever way you try it, I can guarantee your kids will get excited!

Visit the original post on my blog to see how I introduced and used this activity with my 1st grade students.  Click the links below to grab the poster templates!  (I used the font Franklin Gothic Medium if you choose to type your students' names into the Publisher template.)
Click here to get the Publisher version
Click here to get the PDF