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Sunday Night Football Freebies

I posted this on my blog earlier this school year, but what better night to bring back a football freebie than on a Sunday night?  I gotta be honest with ya'll though---I really don't get that much into football (ALTHOUGH Peyton Hillis---well let's just say I could probably become a football fan!)  Ignore my blabbering--on to the freebie.

This freebie contains:
1) Football Field Mat-to use with grouping the helmets. (This was made using Excel—I found a template online, so you can change your team name.)
2) Graphing Helmets-and the Graph Page (laminate—use a dry erase/wet erase marker and it’s reusable)
3)Patterning Response Sheet (I thought that this would be fun to laminate and use Velcro for them to make their patterns)
4)Megaphones for the patterning response sheet (Again—using Velcro to attach)
5)Math Addition Sort for sums of 8, 9, 10 and 11
6) Team Sorting Mats to be used with Questions/Statements
7) Statement/Questions to sort
8) Football Frenzy Game Board
9) Sight word cards (I only used a few as an example---you can buy a set of dolch words for like $1-3 dollars or make your own)
*If trying to save on lamination, sheet protectors work well—and you can write over them.

Click the picture  to get your freebie


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