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Forms, Forms, Forms!

As teachers, we demand organization.  We do so much at such as fast pace we'd be in trouble if we didn't at least try to be organized!  We ask it of our students and we ask it of ourselves.  That's why I've gone back and looked at some of the forms I've created to help me stay organized.  Maybe some of these can help you too!

Guided Reading
These are forms I use in the notebook I keep for Guided Reading.  I have a Weekly chart in which I record which books and lessons I've done with each of my reading groups.

Then there is also my Daily chart on which I record which groups I've met with (I usually can't see every one of my groups each day because I have so many!).  I make notations here under the individual student section to quickly remind myself if the student struggled (-), was just about right at that reading level (check mark), or did really well and may need too be moved up (+).

I also included a Reading Log which I stick in the plastic envelope I send home with the reading books.  Parents record the date, books read, and initial to tell me they read.  There's also a small section for comments.

 The PDF is available for free.  If you're like me and like to type everything in (because your handwriting is a little lacking, you can also get the forms in Word Format for 50 cents).

Click here to get the freebie!

Writing Workshop
This summer when I was at my county's Literacy Institute, I heard tons of wonderful ideas.  One idea that I just had to implement right away was using labels to record what I discuss with students while conferring in Writing Workshop.  That night I created printable labels that include a space for the student's name, date, a "star" observation I made about their writing which I praise them for, and a teaching point for the student to implement.  (Visit my original post for more details.) I actually use 2 labels at a time.  I keep one for my records in my Conferring Notebook and I put one label on the front cover of the student's Writing Notebook for them to remember our conference.  I also made a form to keep track in case labels is not your thing.

RTI Documentation
One of the best things you can do if you have to take your student through the RTI process is to DOCUMENT YOUR DATA!  That's why I started creating forms to help me keep track of what I need for RTI.  I only have 2 right now, but I plan on making more.  (If you have a specific kind of form you're looking for, let me know and I may be able to create it for you.)