Classroom Freebies

Classroom Reward Coupons

Remember these??? I made these coupons in the beginning of this school year. After I had become grey after the first week of school I knew I had to do something. If you missed the original post...find it here
Today is my last day of Spring Break...WAH! Last Friday, I was E.X.H.A.U.S.T.E.D from my little first grader's horrid behavior. I decided to make some more coupons because I WILL NOT be miserable our last 9 weeks together... I REFUSE. I am just going to dangle these magical coupons in front of them & they will be dying to trade! Dying! 
I know you must have the same problem. This will eliminate the "runners" when I call bus riders to the line.
                                              Lunch with teacher coupon!

This is how I get rid of all those $ store erasers I obsessively buy. Oh, & all those cap erasers I hoard...GONE!
My kiddos can't wear flip flops unlike their teacher :o(((( But, now they can have those stinky piggies in flip flops in the classroom!
I will give 10 minutes of free choice time on Fridays using this coupon. I'm going to make one for the teachers too...maybe a free drink on Friday???
 I have a line leader as a "job" in my classroom. This was done per a request. 
You know you always need private notes run down the hall to your I right? I actually have a "messenger" as a job BUT you can always use more than one. I can think of a ton of ideas for this one too!
I thought this would be cute for those shy little boogers that want to read in front of the class but don't want it announced. The suspense & anticipation will drive them crazy & that will make it even more fun! 
I already have a no homework pass for one piece of homework. This can be for ALL homework for the night. 
This drives me InSaNe! You have the procedures for sharpening pencils..right? Never fails. I'll be in the MIDDLE of a test & I hear those dreaded words "I don't have a pencil!" SeRiOuSlY! This makes my skin crawl. It's usually repeat offenders so I will highly suggest this coupon to them so I don't lose it on them :o)
This is another one that will drive me to the nearest looney bin! They are ONLY allowed to sharpen their pencils in the morning...BEFORE THE BELL....& right after lunch. THAT IS ALL FOLKS! I would rather poke myself in the eyeball than listen to that evil pencil sharpener. Again, IT NEVER FAILS. Even though we've had these procedures since DAY 1 & it's now DAY 137....YOU WILL STILL HAVE THE FEW THAT WILL YELL OUT "CAN I SHARPEN MY PENCIL?" My precious little "A" I'll call her just gets me. She will give me a look & just shake her little head when someone does this. She has even used the plate hanging on my wall that says "bang head here". Precious. She should be my daughter we are so alike. Two peas in a pod.
Who has slippers in their classroom? I hope you do! You have to have back-up when you wear those ultra ah-mazing new fabulous heels & then uh-oh....not a good little piggie is now the size of my big piggie (elephantitus of the little piggie) & my heel just fell off on the way to gym. I figured it's only fair to let my little nuggets walk the classroom with fuzzy slippers too. Their feet hurt too :oP
I have some characters in my class this year. They always want to be in front of the class showing or telling them about something. Since they are always humming at inappropriate times & dancing in the hallway I figured I'd give them the opportunity to do this in front of the class. Here is me.... "It's not "American Idol" in here friends...turn the humming off!" In the hall I have been know to say "This isn't "Dancing with the Stars" feet on the floor...hands @ your sides...eyes forward! Even though I want to giggle because they literally can't walk a straight line. They can dance, hop & skip in a line but walk??? No way! All kidding aside...back to the coupon. Some may tell jokes, do a magic trick, gymnastic or kung-foo move anyone?
I might make this a reward coupon or hand this out randomly. This has multiple options. I might hand one of these to one of my Cindy Brady's....don't know who that is?? Seriously? Go away! You're too young! Just Kidding! I might give this to one of my big time tattlers in an effort to gain information on a suspect. The kids won't always know who the "teacher spy" is but they will know someone might be spying on them. I have some bullies in my class this year & if they do something I swear they threaten the other students not to tell on them. Hopefully this will help with this problem. I should tell them this coupon has a magic lie detector. They would TOTALLY believe me! 
I have a "teacher's assistant" job already but I can find plenty of other duties that would be exciting for them. 
This coupon can be used for our class treat jar. 
 I would love to be able to let them use water colors all the time. But I just can't. I have them so why not let them earn it. They can give me this coupon for indoor recess to use water colors.
This is going to be really popular. Currently I will pick a stick for our weather forecaster of the day. They tell us the temp & let us know if it's raining. They give us a prediction on whether or not it will be indoor or outdoor recess. Should we wear coats or not?? At calendar they also get to use a real microphone & pretend they are from the Channel 7 news in's really adorable. Now they will have to give me a coupon for this opportunity. 

That is all I have friends. I can't provide an editable version, so please don't beg ask. I did compile all the coupons into ONE document. You can grab it here for FREE! The images aren't as clear but they are in ONE doc so don't complain :o) Check out my blog for some more freebies!