Classroom Freebies

Firefly Packet

The last few weeks of school are flying fast! 
Do you find yourself with a little extra time on your hands and need a few fun things to plug in?  
How about fireflies?
This 36-page packet of goodies includes:

  • Diagramming a firefly
  • Firefly facts
  • 2 firefly poems
  • Firefly bookmark
  • Life cycle of a firefly science wheel 
  • Firefly word fan book
  • Life cycle of a firefly fan book
  • the -ight family of words ABC skill sheet & silly story poem
  • 13 word wall -ight family word flashcards + a cover to make the cards into an Itty Bitty Booklet
  • Letter home to parents about the -ight family
  • Our Firefly Class Book with 2 different writing prompts.
  • Graphing extension
  • Several art activities 
  • 123 Count Fireflies With Me math booklet
  • 18 word-wall word flashcards 
  • 2 firefly math skill sheets +
  • 2 certificates of praise