Classroom Freebies

Summer Scavenger Hunt

My last school was a Title I school, where my students often had limitedPlaces All Kids Should Visit background experience.  This lack of experiences impacted their learning throughout all subjects – but especially in reading and social studies.  As the technology teacher, I regularly assigned homework to the entire school, and so I decided to assign summer homework to the school via a Summer Scavenger Hunt.  I gave my students a list of places they should visit over the summer.  They went to the places and collected “proof” – a picture, a ticket stub, a brochure.  Then, they put all of their proofs onto posters, which we hung around the school.  I also hosted a party at the start of the new school year, rewarding students based on the number of places they had been.  Here is a copy of the Summer Scavenger Hunt I used.  Even if you can’t offer the rewards I did, it’s a great list to pass on to parents when they ask you want to do with their kids over the summer!

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources