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I Read Banned Books Free Bookmarks

I have a freebie for you that I normally promote during National Banned Books Week; unfortunately, it is very appropriate for me to share these now as my school district is in the middle of a controversial book banning.

My "I Read Banned Books" bookmarks can be downloaded {HERE}; I created them to spread the word that banning a book is never the right thing to do. That doesn't mean I don't think parents should have a say in their child's education. But in a public school, a single parent (or even a group of parents) should not dictate what is right for ALL children.

If a parent does not want something taught to his/her child in a public school, it is perfectly fine to select alternative material for the child that cover the same standards. Parents should also remember that even though they may have a certain set of beliefs as to what is appropriate for their child, it may not be the same for all the children, especially in a public school where we have students from many different backgrounds. 

Parents should have faith in the teachers and administrators for using the best tools to teach the standards. We spend a lot of time researching materials, selecting those that are suitable for our students, and writing our own curriculum, all aligned to the ever-changing standards presented to us. We are trained professionals and actually have to take courses on how to choose appropriate materials. This is the type of work we do in the summer when people think we are "off."

This is why it is disheartening for me to see this happening in our district. I hope that you never have to go through this at your school.

Use these bookmarks to remind others that reading a "banned" book doesn't make you a bad person; it does what reading any book does: it makes you smarter.

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  1. Tracee,
    I am so sorry that you are all going through this. I agree - one or two should not dictate what everyone does or reads. Banning books is such a harsh thing, and in my mind does not teach the children to value other differing opinions, cultures and points of view.
    Jennifer (First Grade Is A Jungle of Fun)

    1. Thank you, Jennifer. I never thought this would happen in our district. We have alternative materials, but that wasn't good enough for the two parents who filed complaints. It just makes me so sick. Thank you for your support - it means a lot!

  2. what on earth were the parents wanting banned?

    1. Misty - They did not want the counselor using Todd Parr's "The Family Book" in his tolerance program because one line says "Some families have two moms or two dads." The book goes through every type of family and reassures children that no matter how different their family ma be from others, their family is still special. The parents felt it was teaching homosexuality, even though it never mentions anything about sexual orientation. The author was inspired to write it because he lost his mother when he was young and another woman helped raise him, whom he also considered a "mom."

      It's just sad because the majority of our students have untraditional families, either by divorce/remarriage, death, homelessness, foster care, etc.. It has been banned for grades K-4. :(

  3. I am now home-schooling my child partially due to this. Sometime parent groups forget the interests of the collective group in favor of their personal issues.

    Thank you for your invaluable resources! =)

    1. Thanks so much, Prima. I agree, and it is sad. I appreciate your feedback!


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