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Daily 5 Freebies!

As another school year approaches, we have been working on updating our 18 FREE Daily 5 Resources and hope you can use them in your intermediate classroom. Just click on the titles below and you will be taken to each FREE individual resource. Enjoy!

Daily 5 Choice Cards for Pocket Charts
Daily 5 Good Fit Books Powerpoint
Daily 5 Signs for Class Library
Daily 5 I PICK Poster
Daily 5 Introduction Powerpoint
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Fiction Worksheet
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Poster
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Nonfiction Worksheet
Daily 5 Listen to Reading Sign Up Chart
Daily 5 Read to Self Poster
Daily 5 Read to Someone Poster
Daily 5 Read to Someone Reminders Poster
Daily 5 Reading Journal
Daily 5 Reflection Sheet for Students
Daily 5 Student Check In Sheet
Daily 5 Weekly Reflection Log
Daily 5 Word Work Poster
Daily 5 Work on Writing Poster

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  1. You have just made my life SO much easier with these Daily 5 materials. I love love LOVE them! Thank you.
    Ligia Allison

  2. We are glad that you find the resources useful. They really helped us through our first year using the Daily 5 in our classrooms.

  3. Thank you for sharing these outstanding resources!!!!
    Bernadette Vitale

  4. You are welcome Bernadette! We are glad you found these resources useful!

  5. Awesome Resources! Thank you!

    Jen B
    Niagara Falls, Ontario

  6. Thanks Jen for checking them out!

  7. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate your resources. I am starting Daily 5 this year, and while I am excited I am also very nervous! Thanks again

  8. Great! So glad you could find the resources helpful!


If you find this resource helpful, please leave a comment below! Thanks for paying it forward! -Charity :)


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