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Start the Year with this Multiple Intelligences Survey

You'll find this kid-friendly Multiple Intelligences survey to be an excellent way to start the year. It will help your new students identify their own strengths and it will help you get to know them better. You can download this MI Survey for Kids from my Teaching Resources website where you'll find other resources for teaching MI theory. Teaching your students how people are smart in many ways can be very empowering, and most students enjoy the process of discovering how they learn best.

This survey is something I developed to use in my own 5th grade classroom, so I won't claim that it's research-based. But it is a useful tool when presented as a fun activity rather than as an actual assessment. Because the survey appears a bit confusing at first, I created this slidecast tutorial that explains exactly what to do and where to find additional resources on this topic. I hope you and your students enjoy it!

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