Classroom Freebies

Backyard Ecology: An Ecological Assessment of Your Neck of the Woods


This is the first assignment that I give my students when starting my unit on ecology and the environment. This thought-provoking activity requires the student to work through a series of questions about their local environment and their efforts to protect and conserve it.

Types of questions include:
1. Name 5 plants that seem to be native to your area. For each plant, list one reason why it is important to humans. For example, can these plants be used as a source of food? Are they used in landscaping?
2. List three organizations or agencies in your area that are involved in the conservation and protection of the environment. Describe the purpose of each agency/organization.
3. When you consider the area in which you live, are there any obvious sources of pollution? If so, describe the source and the type of pollution.

This four page worksheet has 23 questions.

Enjoy this freebie and have fun teaching!