Classroom Freebies

Biology Lab on DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ

This is one of my favorite labs/activities that I do with my Biology I students.  It doesn't take long to do, it uses very simple, household materials, and it works every time!  There is no number crunching or data analysis, but just a fun activity that your students will really enjoy.

You will use ordinary Dawn dishwashing detergent and alcohol to extract the DNA from the cells of wheat germ.  The download will include a lab handout that is ready to be copied and passed out to your students.  Includes:  Title, Introduction, Purpose, Safety Precautions, Procedure, and Follow Up Questions.

I have also included a "Teacher Preparation" page with answers to the questions and some additional set up information.

I use this with my high school Biology students, but this activity can easily be done with middle school students.

Enjoy, and have fun teaching!!