Classroom Freebies

Christmas Around The World Packet

This 115-page packet is a wonderfully fun way to teach geography.

The packet includes:
  • Directions for a cereal - box and file folder suitcase complete with travel stickers and luggage tag, to fill up with souvenirs (art projects and lessons)
  • 7 art projects
  • 7 graphs
  • 27 countries (pictures of countries and their flags)
  • How to say "Merry Christmas" in those languages
  • 3 letters of explanation about the program to send home to parents + a reminder note
  • Christmas Around The World Passport (Based on a real one, with stickers to put in it as students travel around the world!)
  • Airline tickets
  • Train Ticket
  • A list of helpful websites
  • Country research writing pages
  • United States research writing pages
  • Travel journal
  • 2 class books to make
  • + complete directions of how to implement this fun unit in your classroom