Classroom Freebies

Freebie: DIY Math Fact Labels & How to Kit!

Easily Organize your Student's Math Facts 

If you're like me, you probably find your student's math facts left on their desk, floor, or in the hall.  We use them all the time, but because they're so small, they often fall out of their bags and get lost.  I'm so excited to share this Math Facts Kit with you!  

It's so simple and affordable to create.  In fact, I had a room mom take the supplies home over the weekend and put them all together for our class.  How nice!

For step by step directions and a list of simple materials, click here!  I've also included the labels as a freebie!  My students love practicing their facts - especially when the transfer them from the practice side to the power side... what motivation!

{click here to get your math fact freebie and step by step tutorial}