Classroom Freebies

Gingerbread Art and Activity Book

108 pages of heartwarming arts & crafts + activities that will dazzle and delight. 

Some full color pictures, + copy-ready patterns and step-by-step directions for each project are included.

These projects all involve many of your report card standards, like the "Pocket Pal" above. If you look closely you can see that the face of the gingerbread is made out of construction paper + 1/2 of a paper plate, which makes a pocket that contains colored shapes, and skip counting folded number strips.

The "Story Slider" has students sequence the Gingerbread tale to retell the story. 

The gingerbread clock is an easy and different way to reinforce telling time with your students.

The gingerbread paper chain is a wonderful way to review whatever color pattern you choose, as well as have students count down the days to Christmas, as they tear off a link each day.

 Children are learning and reinforcing much-needed math, writing, and science concepts while enjoying art.

As you can see, many of these make terrific manipulatives, wonderful keepsakes for parents and lovely bulletin boards too!