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Math Facts Snow Globes

Hi, Teaching Friends!

It's time to start getting out the winter clothes, winter gear,... and the winter-themed centers! Here's a solve-and-sort file folder activity with a snow globe theme that will be useful in your classroom from now until the spring flowers start to bloom!

Your students will add domino dots and then do an odd/even sort of the sums. This resource includes a recordng sheet, and it's even Common Core-aligned!

Happy Teaching!



  1. Great resource! I'm excited to share this with my colleagues - thanks! :)

    -Margaret Vaughan

  2. Thanks, Margaret! I hope your colleagues will enjoy it ,too, and stop by for more freebies!
    Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Although I am a middle school teacher, I am trying to figure out how to modify your activity to use with integers for my 6th graders. I just love snow globes-- and this is sooooo cute!
    Jani Nelson

  5. I'm not that much into the middle school topics, but how about something like matching fractions and decimal equivalents? A fraction to its lowest terms equivalent? You can get your own snowglobes to make these free from

    Thanks so much for your comment, Jani Nelson!
    Linda Nelson ( no relation. :) really!)


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