Classroom Freebies

My Senses In November Booklet

This 29 - page packet is a great way to include science, reading,writing and even math, with these fun activities and booklets that your students will enjoy making!
  • Trace, write, cut and glue My Senses in November booklet
  • Ten 5-senses word + matching picture flashcards, 30 traceable word cards, with covers so your students can make Itty Bitty Word Booklets. 
  • Two 5-senses-word skill sheets
  • 4 label or trace the 5 senses on the pilgrim skill sheets
  • 3 graphing extensions
  • My Fall Senses student writing extension booklet
  • Using Our Senses Class book writing extension with a
  • Letter of explanation to parents if you want to do this as a home-school connection +
  • A certificate of praise