Classroom Freebies

Teaching Sight Words

This is my way to introduce Sight Words

Select 5 to 10 new words each week to teach.
Make your own cards or print my cards onto hard cardboard.
Show the word to the child.
Say: This is the word /XXXX/
Ask: What letter is at the beginning of this word?

Point out something characteristic about the word for example:
This word begins with the same letter as your name; or This word only has 3 letters, spell the word aloud
Ask your children to spell it aloud.
Have the child practice the popping words with a hands-on activity like bingo, concentration, battleship games, etc. The game should be played with a partner, a friend, family or you

*It is important that the words be seen in context or print like they will be seen when reading. 
Download a set of free cards in my blog