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Vocabulary Activity That's Actually FUN!

 Vocabulary Scattergories Activity on Classroom Freebies
No matter what grade or content area you teach, I think we can all agree that vocabulary lessons are usually the least favorite. I's looking up definitions and reciting and memorizing and quizzing and so on... But it doesn't have to be this way!

Try my FREE "Vocabulary Categories" activity. My students realize that looking up the definition isn't so bad when they realize they get to make a "game" out of it. They'll have an easier time remembering the word, while practicing creative and critical thinking. I keep a baggie in my podium drawer and an old Oxy tub full by my desk so they're always available when we need them. 

You can use this activity for ANY content area - even math! Yes, any class that requires students to define words or learn new terms will benefit by using this activity.
For English/language Arts teachers: if you want to see how you can use it for character analysis, you can read more about incorporating this activity into your reading and literature lessons on my blog.

Vocabulary Scattergories Vocabulary Scattergories: Vocabulary Scattergories: