Classroom Freebies

5 million and counting!

Hi all!  I can't believe that CF has hit over 5 million views from teachers all over the globe!  Thanks for taking time to stop by and read about the goodies that we have to offer here! 

My name is Angie from Rulin' the Roost!  I'm a first grade teacher who LOVES finding new, exciting and engaging activities for the classroom!  I have been teaching for 10 years, 9 of those in first grade!  I started blogging last January and just LOVE sharing with everyone around the world! :)  I joined Classroom Freebies 2 last spring, and have recently "moved up" to my favorite:  Classroom Freebies!!! 

Things you might not know about me:  I have 2 VERY energetic sons---one that is 2 and the other is the same age that I teach...  needless to say, THIS year has been very exhausting!  ;)  I'm an only child.  I twirled baton and danced for over 20 years!  (I miss that dearly now---with 2 boys to run after)

{Here are my 2 "babies" who are my WHOLE world!  This picture just really speaks volumes as to what my life is like with them!  HA!}

I love writing for Classroom Freebies because who doesn't love free stuff?  I'm a closet bargain shopper/extreme couponer at time (though, since I've had my second son, that has taken a backseat for now...)

Here's a favorite freebie from CF that I have used in the past, that isn't from me-----check it out!  You will love it too---if you haven't already!  It's from the Jenaya, Lesson Plan Diva (click on the picture to go get it):

Thanks for stopping by CF and checking out all the goodies!  I'd certainly love for ya to stop by my blog too---for even more goodies that I don't publish here.  =)