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5 Million Celebration!

Hello, I'm Jen from Positively Learning
I have been an avid reader of Classroom Freebies and was so excited to become a contributor to Classroom Freebies Too! Now, I post freebies to Classroom Freebies and still feel the same excitement (or more!) to be a part of such an amazing group of educators!
I teach Special Education inclusion for first grade. I've previously taught kindergarten (Special Education) and was also a music (piano and early childhood music) teacher for fifteen years in my "previous career."
I teach small groups, administer assessments, parallel-teach, name it! My absolute favorite part of teaching (besides the students!) is differentiation. I LOVE looking at the general education curriculum and thinking of alternative and innovative ways to help all students access it. Many times, this may mean providing more hands-on tools to support occupational needs, or color-coding to support visual impairments. Most of the time it involves extra reteaching opportunities in a positive and engaging manner!
My teaching blog features the triumphs and struggles of working with six-year-olds. Please visit to learn more about us!
One of my favorite educators and Classroom Freebies posts is from Shelley Gray. She is famous to me, although we've never met. Except on my TPT purchases from her store! Her ideas and activities always include so much more than the covered skill. I imagine she finds "teachable moments" around every corner. I just know that all of her students adore her!
This post "sums it up" from the generous Shelley Gray: