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5 Million Hellos from FlapJack!

Hey, ya'll! My name is Tabitha Carro, and I am the author of FlapJack Educational Resources. I created that name because I love making flapbooks (or lapbooks), but now I have branched out to many other fun learning ideas thanks to all the inspiration I find here on the internet from all of you fellow teachers.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to share my creations with people who seem to appreciate them. I am naturally a reserved, quiet person, but thanks to CF, I am able to share with a wide audience what I would never be able to do in person. I am also so thankful for all the resources I have been able to glean from so many amazing teacher-authors. The question now is not how to get my hands on more resources, it's how to find time to implement all the resources I have found!

A little about me - I am a Spanish-immersion 4th grade teacher. I teach math and science to do groups in the language of Spanish (How did I learn Spanish? I married an Argentinian who didn't speak English!). I absolutely love it. I am always looking to find hands-on activities to keep students engaged. I love making flapbooks, QR code activities, Smart Board games, mini books, and self-checking center games.

I am also BIG on being as frugal and earth-conscious as possible in the classroom. I try to seek ways to share with my students how they can recycle, reuse, and prevent waste in the classroom. I want this planet to be here a long time after me, so our children will be the ones who will truly make the change that is seriously needed. I am also the author of The Green Classroom where I share ideas and tips for all green teachers to use in their classrooms.

My secret talent - I decorate cakes. But that passion has taken the passenger's seat to creating educational materials. Now I don't have to worry about keeping the kitchen clean, or that my cake is going to melt before it makes it to the reception table!

So, keeping with the Spanish theme and eco-friendly theme, I'm going to share with you an awesome freebie from Ana at Ingles360. She is also from Argentina which is very fitting, too! Here she has some letter titles for students to practice earth-friendly terms in the classroom. Click on the image for the download!

 Happy Teaching!

Tabitha Carro