Classroom Freebies

5 Million! Incredible!!

Hi everyone!!  I'm DeAnne from

To let you in on a bit of me, I am in my 14th year of teaching.  I have taught first, second and fourth grades, but my heart lies in first.  When I'm not blogging, creating, or teaching I am spending time with my own kids or you will find me in the kitchen baking away! :)

I see a congratulations to Classroom Freebies is in order! :) WAY TO GO!!
When I first started looking at blogs, and coming across freebies, I was sooo EXCITED!  
One, I see all the great ideas in everyone's room, and two, to get some of their great ideas for free made it even better! :)  Then I came across the wonderful Charity and Classroom Freebies.  I had just started blogging, and I was allowed to come join this FABULOUS group of people.  Isn't it amazing all the great ideas you can find here? 

I have found so many great ideas in this one little spot!   Here is one from 
You can click the picture to go find a great lesson for a Halloween story.

Again congratulations Charity and Classroom Freebies!!  You are ALL AMAZING!! :)