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Hello from Morocco!  That’s right, I live and teach in Casablanca, Morocco.  I teach a mixed age class with 3rd and 4th graderHeidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resourcess at the International School of Morocco.  In addition, I run the blog Raki’s Rad Resources, where I share tips on how to reach your English Language Learners, what websites and iPad apps to use with your students, and other bits of information I have gathered in my journey as a teacher and mother here in Morocco.  I have been blogging here on Classroom Freebies since April and I love being able to share the resources I use with my students with all of you.  I also love being able to find resources that the other amazing teachers who write for Classroom Freebies post.  My all time favorite resource that I have downloaded thanks to Classroom Freebies is a verb tense sheet from Jenaya, better known as the Lesson Plan Diva.  It is exactly what my English Language Learners need in order to make sense of this new language they are learning.  What “perfect resource” have you found on Classroom Freebies?
Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources