Classroom Freebies

5 Million STRONG!


I don't know what else to say!  Classroom Freebies has reaching 5,000,000 views!!!
I'm so glad that CF is reaching out to teachers all over the world, helping them and their students!  I thankful to be a part of such an amazing site!

My name is Dana Richliew.
I'm the author of 3rd Grade Gridiron.  I love getting share ideas and resources with teachers!  I'm known to be a little OCD, but that "problem" works well in a classroom full of 8- and 9-year olds!  :)

One of my favorite CF posts was from DeAnne!
It's a great way to practice some of the digraphs.
Click the picture to snag it.

And make sure you keep coming back to CF!
The great resources will continue to come!
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