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5 Million Views for Free Teaching Activities!

 WOW! Congratulations to Classroom Freebies for eclipsing 5 million page views! What an amazing accomplishment. Thousands of teachers in the United States and all around the world have come to this website to find 100% FREE teaching activities from some of the greatest teachers around!

Eric and I from Wise Guys Teaching Resources have been proud members of this site. We both currently teach 5th grade, and have worked in grades 3-6. We love sharing our ideas and activities with others, and have worked hard to align our lessons with the Common Core Standards. We both love teaching, and find each day that we teach rewarding by watching our students have fun learning.

Below is one of our favorite freebies that was once posted on this site.

FREE Scientific Method PowerPoint! by Amy Brown of Science Stuff

Congrats once again to Classroom Freebies! Here is to 5 million more!