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5 Million Views!! Now That's a Lot!

What a pleasure it has been to have an amazing outlet to get my teaching ideas to as many teachers as possible. My whole goal with my blog For the Love of Teaching Math is to help teachers become more hands-on and activity oriented than the traditional math teacher. When I first started teaching, I would always here students on the first days of school saying that they are terrible at math, that they've always made poor grades in math, or that they just hate math all together. I made it my personal mission to make math as fun as I possibly could. My class structure now is very hands-on, cooperative learning, with lots of activities to reinforce the skills I am teaching. 

I'm Andrea Kerr from For the Love of Teaching. On my blog, I try to explain (sometimes in video form) how I teach different math skills. Nobody taught me the "fun" way of teaching and learning, I had to find it out on my own. I decided to give teachers a one-stop shop for as many math skills as I can. So far, I have activities for integer operations, coordinate graphing, decimal operations, fraction operations, and many more. 

I want to thank you so much for helping us to reach a giant milestone in the blogging world...5 million views! I am excited to be a part of the next 5 million views! Here is a great freebie that I think would be a great activity for the younger ones! It's a great math/language arts activity with a football theme from First Grade and Fabulous! Click here or on the image to get a copy!