Classroom Freebies

5 Million Views-- Wahoo!

Hello, teacher friends! It's Christi here from Ms. Fultz's Corner. I am so excited to be part of Classroom Freebies and celebrate our 5 million views! I love, love, love our blogging community and all of the ideas we share with each other. In addition to the freebies I share here, I have classroom organization tips, literacy resources, reading strategies, writing minilessons, math games, freebies, and more on my blog. I teach third grade so I share a variety of ideas for those of us "in the middle" between primary and intermediate. I also have a page totally dedicated to freebies. If you stop by, be sure to leave a comment. I love getting to know you too!

But, before you hop on over to my blog I wanted to take a second to share this flashback freebie with you. They're guided reading prompt cards from Shelly Grey (love!) and she shared them way back in March. If you missed them then, they are definitely worth checking out now. I love that they are simple enough to toss in a center for independent use too. They also make great starters for readers' notebooks. 
Thanks for all the support and here's to the next 5 million!

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