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5,000,000 Is . . . A Ginormous Number! Thank You!

Hi everyone! My name is Hilary Lewis from {Rockin' Teacher Materials}. I am a 2nd grade classroom teacher in Carmel, Indiana and I've been teaching for 28 years now. Man, I'm old! 

I am one of those people who always has an idea brewing and tend to get my hands in too many pots! But I guess that helps you . . . and hopefully lots of precious kiddies . . . to many fun teaching resources!

I have met many Rockin' Teachers online and have found so many Rockin' Resources as well! Here's one of my {favorites} from Rachel Lynette and I found it right here on Classroom Freebies. 

Thanks again to our awesome Classroom Freebies fans out there . . . thanks for visiting us over 5,000,000 times! Wow, that's amazing! Here's to the next 5,000,000 visits!