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A Remarkable Milestone! FIVE MILLION HITS!

  Being part of Classroom Freebies has been an amazing experience. Whoever thought that we, Classroom Freebie teachers, would be sharing our lessons with teachers around the world. Hats off to the dedicated  followers of Classroom Freebies who have made 5 MILLION hits a reality! Many thanks to Charity for creating this amazing cyber freebie site!
    I'm Ruth, the creator of Teacher Park, where I share my teaching ideas, my K-12 lessons, children's books, exciting authors and more. I love sharing unique websites of any subject. My blog posts also include humorous and poignant teaching moments. I'm a true believer that a teacher must laugh with her students, and laugh at herself,  in order to make education fun, exciting and real!
     I'm an avid fan of Howard Gardner's "Multiple Intelligences" theory and for that reason, I often integrate music and art into my lessons. I'm a classical pianist, play acoustic guitar, sing and have dabbled in the arts all my life, so adding music and art to classroom activities is a natural fit for me.
    My husband and I love to travel. Our German friends live on Lake Constance in southern Germany. so during our visits, we explore areas of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. One of our favorite experiences was taking a tram to the top of one of the oldest fortresses in Salzburg, Austria, to hear a Mozart concert. Our hotel parking garage was deep in a mountain that was an old salt mine, where the Austrians hid during WWII. The ceilings and walls were tiled with gorgeous pictures of the area. The German word "salz" means "salt" in English. Tours through the Salzburg salt mines were amazing!

   Our family is spread out across the United States so getting together for the holidays is very special!
We have two dachshunds who keep us laughing 24/7. They're the clowns of the dog world and sometimes I think they're smarter than we are! LOL

Me, in the tram in Salzburg, Austria

   I started teaching right after I graduated from college. I started as an elementary teacher in a self-contained classroom for a number of years, then transferred to middle school where I became an ELA and social studies teacher, on a three teacher team with 80 kids. For me, being part of Classroom Freebies is like teaming! I have two Masters degrees both in education. My independent study during my second Masters was an emphasis on global education. 
   I've been very fortunate over the years I've been teaching. For 12 years, I was the Connecticut teacher representative on the Weekly Reader National Teacher Advisory Board. I was then selected to appear on ABC's "Good Morning, America" to represent Weekly Reader for its 65th anniversary. A few years later, I was asked to be a NASA "Students' Signatures in Space" teacher which I did for ten years. Being a guest presenter for four years at the NELMS (New England League of Middle Schools) at the Rhode Island Convention Center was a wonderful experience. I had an opportunity to share many projects I created and have started sharing on my blog. In 2009, I was retained by NASA as an author. I'm an avid writer and have two historical fiction books (ages 10 and up) in the works. They're both based on true stories of people I interviewed, who lived during the Great Depression.

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