Classroom Freebies

Classroom Freebies, Five Million Times Over!!

Hello! My name is Christina Aronen. I have been enjoying teaching kindergarten for almost ten years. Previously, I homeschooled my children and worked as a certified Dyslexia tutor. After teaching for about nine eight years, I entered the blogging world about a year ago in October with the help of Charity Preston's wonderful advice found on Teaching Blog Traffic School. Some of the best advice she has given has been to collaborate and share, share, share! She has given each of us an opportunity to do so by creating Classroom Freebies. I have a number of freebies offered at my blog:

In the beginning of my venture with blogging, I would visit Classroom Freebies regularly to collect amazing ideas that I could download and print out for use in my own classroom. As a result, I truly feel that my teaching style has changed for the better. I am willing to try out new ideas in my classroom because other teachers have shown that these wonderful, free ideas work in their own classroom. I have been so impressed by the caliber of work that other teachers present on Classroom Freebies. One MAJORLY talented gal is: Senora Carro. Through her post here

I found much more than her awesome free ideas for QR codes in the classroom. She is a Spanish-immersion teacher in a 4th grade classroom and writes a blog about that. She also has a "Green" blog and shares tons of awesome freebies for recycling and reusing items. She also has some wonderful YouTube videos that I found very helpful.

 I am so pleased that I have been included as one of the contributors of this blog. I love the challenge of staying on my toes by creating my own freebies to share with other teachers! A HUGE thanks to Charity Preston and all the teachers who have helped to make Classroom Freebies an invaluable resource to so many communities!!

Enjoy many more to come!