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Comparing Verb Conjugations

This year I have a high number of students who are new to English, but who are literate in their home language.  This leads me to teach in new and interesting ways, spending a lot of time comparing and contrasting lThis free verb conjugation sheet allows English Language Learners to compare verb conjugations from their home language to verb conjugations in English.anguages.  My English Language Learners are from the home languages of: Spanish, French and Arabic, which are all languages that have complex and difficult verb conjugations.  English has very simple verb conjugations, and it is hard for ESL students to understand that each verb has only one or two conjugations.  To help my students, we work on the differences between the two languages by filling out on a sheet that shows 1.)  the connection between the past, present and future  tenses and 2.) allows them to compare the conjugations of these verbs in their home language and in English.  You can download this sheet free from my blog – Raki’s Rad Resources.