Classroom Freebies

Ever Seen a Five Million Watt Smile?

Come on over to Classroom Freebies and add your smile to our's! 
I'm proud to be a contributor to the Classroom Freebies website. If you haven't visited the site, or become a follower, click {HERE} to check it out now. Classroom Freebies is a site for bloggers to offer free activities....yes, FREE...for everyone. I've found tons of fabulous, fun, FREE activities for my classroom. 
Here is one of my favorite freebies I've gotten from one of my favorite bloggers.
My kids love to practice counting money by playing Exact Change from Gingersnaps. After finding Gingersnaps on Classroom Freebies, I became a regular follower of her blog. 

I'd love to have you visit my blog, Pitner's Potpourri, too. I offer regular activities and games correlated to the Common Core standards that are always free. I think that teachers have such few perks in our jobs that if I'm creating something for my own use, I might as well share it with anyone who can use it. I'm just paying it forward from those wonderful teachers who have helped me out over the years.
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