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Five Million Congratulations!

Congratulations to Charity Preston and to all of the proud authors on Classroom Freebies for a job well done!

Hitting a milestone of five million page views is no easy task.  This proves without a doubt that the service being provided by Classroom Freebies is needed and appreciated by our readers.  Who doesn't love a freebie?!  Teaching is a collaborative effort and teachers love to share.  It is just the nature of a teacher.  Thanks to everyone involved for providing such wonderful free materials to our fellow teachers.  In the end, it's the kids that benefit.  Nothing beats that!

My name is Amy Brown, and I am the author of a blog called "Science Stuff."  I am a high school teacher with 29 years of experience.  I have taught both chemistry and biology, but teaching AP biology is my love.  When I am not in the classroom, I am a devoted mom and wife and love to spend every minute possible with my family.  I love the outdoors and appreciate that my family will gladly accompany me in my outdoor adventures. Whether traveling to the amazing geothermal area of Yellowstone or trekking through the cyprus swamp near our home, we marvel at the beauty of nature and enjoy our time there very much.

Classroom Freebies has so many fine teachers who contribute, but I would like to give a special shout-out to a few that I find exceptional:
  • Brian Wiltgen (aka Wise Guys) has earned my respect not only because he is a super-duper teacher, but because of the hard work he does in his state to promote change in the field of education.  He actively campaigns to change educational policy that affects both teachers and students.  Click here to take a look at a post from Brian to see how he so generously gives to his fellow teachers.
  • Kristen Bowers (aka Secondary Solutions) rocks the English world.  Her materials for high school students are top notch, and now she has begun to share her expertise to the younger grades.  Click here to view Kristen's fabulous common core materials for elementary students.
  • Tracee Orman (aka The Hunger Games Lessons) completely changed English teaching when she wrote her fantastic lessons on "The Hunger Games."  Beware to anyone who tries to ban books from school libraries!  Way to go, Tracee!  Click here to see what I mean.
  • Finally, a shout out to a person who makes me smile every single day.  Margaret Whisnant spent a lifetime teaching middle school.  As a retired teacher, she continues to write free materials to improve instruction in middle school English.  Click here to see how Margaret uses her fantastic sense of humor to instruct.

I hope that you visit me at my blog, Science Stuff.  There you will find links to free teaching materials, tips and tricks for teaching a great middle or high school biology class, articles about topics that intrigue me, and tales of our outdoor exploits.

Thank you so much for supporting all of us at Classroom Freebies!!