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Five Million Views? Seriously!

Hello there!
I'm Fern from Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas! I am beyond thrilled and excited that Classroom Freebies hit 5 million views....just think of all the children around the world that this blog is helping! I ♥love, ♥love, ♥love Classroom Freebies!
I have been teaching since 1989 in a variety of positions, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 4th grade Bilingual, 6th, Gifted, Network Administrator, Adult Computer Education and ESE Technology Curriculum Specialist. After my hubby retired from the Navy, we were lucky enough to settle in my hometown in Florida. I am teaching again in Clay County, where I graduated and where my children will graduate! When I am training teachers or I'm asked to speak publicly, I love to point out that I'm a product of Clay County Schools and I'm proud of the fact that my children are soon to be products of Clay County! :)
I currently teach Third Grade Math and Science. I am also the Third Grade Team Leader and Teacher of the Year at my school. God has truly blessed me that I can wake up every morning and love going to work! My blog is a mixture of classroom ideas and other things that help you spread your teaching salary a little bit further! I love sharing recipes, repurposing ideas, coupons, freebies and my Center Games, PowerPoints & Word Work Bundles!
Personally, I have two teenagers, my dad and six dogs living under one roof and one wonderful husband that puts up with all of us! I teach in the school I would have attended when my parents settled down  once and for all in a small town in North Florida when I was in seventh grade. I love to tell my students the street I grew up on and last year one of my students lived in a house a few doors down from my old address! I hope to retire in 15 years from this very same school!
When I first discovered teacher blogs I found Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade. She is funny, smart and makes amazing products for her students and for all of us! I have actually meet her in person and acted like a complete geek, as if I was meeting a rock star, but she has taught me so much and made teaching fun again! Her product that I couldn't live without is BUMP!

Boo Bump Math Games

I spent the second part of my day last year with 0 girls and 14 boys, 6 in Gifted, they were a HIGH ENERGY group! Bump is amazing, it makes them practice their basic facts while problem solving at the same time. The competition is also something they needed practice with, including practice at being a good loser! Bump has it all! They would actually cheered when I would say, "My friend, Mrs. Boehm, in South Florida, has made a new Bump!" Same game, just seasonal graphics! I highly recommend this wonderful FREEBIE!
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