Classroom Freebies

Let's Go! Let's Go Play In The Snow Easy Reader

This booklet will help your students identify winter clothing words and the order clothes should be put on to get ready to go outside.

Students correct the sentences by adding ending punctuation and a capital letter to the beginning word.  They trace and then write the ordinal number as well as the article of clothing that is put on.

Students use pictures as clues to read the sentences, as they cut and glue other pictures to the matching numbered boxes.

The packet also includes:
  • 58 traceable word cards + covers to make Itty Bitty Booklets. (30 are Dolch words.)
  • 8 matching picture cards (Great for playing Memory Match or "I Have; Who Has?" games.)
  • A graphing extension
  • + 4 skillsheets which include: Match the word from the story to the picture.
  • An alphabeting worksheet
  • A compound word worksheet. (Trace and write15 new words that begin with snow.) and
  • A contraction worksheet +
  • A certificate of praise when students can read the booklet independently.