Classroom Freebies

Light Up the World with Celebrations!

Free holiday play or reader's theater to explain how light is used in winter holiday celebrations around the world.I teach at the International School of Morocco.  My students are about as diverse as they come, speaking different languages, practicing different religions and celebrating different holidays.  As time approached for the holiday show, we decided we wanted something truly diverse to involve all of our students, and to teach them about how all celebrations are similar.  I chose to use light as the unifying point of holidays around the world, and I put together the play: Light Up the World with Celebrations.  Our school is now all abuzz with holiday show preparations!

If you would like to use this play for your school, for your class, or just as a reading to introduce your kids to holidays around the world, stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store and download it for free.

Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources