Classroom Freebies

My-O-My 5 Million Milestone

Hey, I am Colleen Gallagher from Teaching Heart and Teaching Heart Blog.  I am what some call a dinosaur in the Teacher Internet World!!!  LOL!  I started Teaching Heart in 1998 and started selling resources in 2002 and in 2009ish I started the blog as a way to promote Teaching Heart.  Still the mass majority of what you find on Teaching Heart is free!  I love helping others and hearing about how my resources help other teachers. I am so thankful to God for all the gifts he has given me.

I live in PA with my wonderful children (10 and 6 year old) and husband.  I have taught Special Education (K-3) and Second Grade.  Currently I am working at home and working outside the home as a Preschool Discovery Teacher...  PRESCHOOL!!!!  Never thought I would do that!   Let me tell you though - Classroom Freebies has come in handy for that new job!

I love being part of Classroom Freebies and I am grateful to Charity for starting a place where educators can share their talents with others by offering free resources.  Charity amazes me with all the wonderful accomplishments she has made in the Teacher Internet World; Classroom Freebies being one of her many contributions.  I have learned about so many wonderful blogs through Classroom Freebies.  Many I have added to my reader or follow on Facebook!   There are many wonderful sharing teachers out there with "Teaching Hearts" - my favorite kind of teacher!!!

Some of the resources I have used and enjoyed from Classroom Freebies - You must check these out!!!

Kayla's from Primary JunctionBottle Cap Sight Word Tags which I have used with my daughter for extra practice.

I have used  the adorable monster I Have Who Has Number Cards with some lovely Kindergarten kiddos from Caitlin at Kindergarten Smiles.  Caitlin has so many great printables, I had to send one of my friends her  Candy Corn center here when I saw it. 

Mrs. Miners Monkey Business is an incredible blog!  Krissy has some great ideas and I have found myself on her blog as I look for activities for my new Pre-k class!  I plan to use her Gingerbread Puzzle this week in my class. 

Well, those are a few of my favorites; but, I am very Thankful to all who share!  

Happy 5 Million To Classroom Freebies!

Colleen Gallagher