Classroom Freebies

Shapely Angels

This 27- page packet will help you with Common Core State Standards: L.K2a, L.K2b, RF.K3a, RF.K3d, RF.K3c, 1.G.2, K.G.2

Students enjoy reviewing the various 2-D shapes as they appear on the snow angels.
They read and fix the simple sentences by adding capitalization and punctuation, then trace and write the shape word.

The packet includes: 
  • Easy reader booklet
  • Snow Angel Craftivity (Students cut and glue the various shapes to make a shapely snow angel.)
  • Label the Snow Angel worksheet
  • Traceable shape word cards + a cover so students can make an Itty Bitty booklet.
  • Matching picture cards so you can play Memory Match and I Have; Who Has? games.