Classroom Freebies

Snowman Can

Are you looking for an easy and inexpensive gift for your students to make?

This tin can can be filled with something else your students made, job coupons, or a Snack Baggie of peppermints bought at The Dollar Store. 

I like it, because it's a terrific way to review the cylinder shape, and we are also recycling!


  1. Where do I find the directions for this craft? I am not sure how to attach the black hat rim. When I click the links I cannot find the directions.

  2. The rims are made out of Foam. I pre-cut them for my little ones so all they have to do is slide them down the cans. They don't need to be attached because they are snug. If you want to expedite things you can also pre paint the cans white. My Y5's do better painting on details with a Q-tip. I have them insert their hand to paint on the black hat with a sponge brush. If you want a tall can, use asparagus cans.


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