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Thank You CF Readers for Helping Us Reach 5 Million!

Thanks so much for helping us reach amazing goals!

I'm Erin from Kleinspiration.  I'm a mom of two beautiful children, and I teach 2nd grade.  

My 2nd Grade Classroom

My daughter, Riley, is eight, and my son, Jacob, is four.  My family lives in Michigan with our two dogs and two cats.  We love to travel together and to have lazy days around the house where we camp out and play games all day in our pajamas.   

They are the reason I went in to teaching.  Originally, I was pursuing a career in interior design, but now I've found my true passion!

I also love blogging and sharing my ideas on Classroom Freebies.  I'd love to have you hop over to Kleinspiration and join me through Google Friend Connect on my right side bar.  I love connecting with new teacher friends and sharing ideas.  I can't imagine not having access to sites such as Classroom Freebies, Twitter, and Pinterest.  I'm so thankful for all of you that share such fabulous resources!  Together, we are all supporting each other so our students benefit.  That's amazing!

One of my favorite people in the blogging world is Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade.  She always shares the most creative ideas on her site, and she's truly one of the nicest people.  I'm fortunate that we've become friends over the past year.  I am always amazed by the fabulous resources she creates.  Here is one of her great freebies I've enjoyed numerous times:

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