Classroom Freebies

10-Frames Monthly Packet

This 101 page packet (!) will help you with Common Core State Standards:K.CC.2, K.CC.3, K.CC.4a, K.CC.4b, K.CC.4c, K.CC.5, k.CC.6 K.OA.1 K.OA.5

Your students will really enjoy the variety of hands-on activities they can do.
Packet includes:
  • 10 different monthly 10-Frames in color. (September -June). Print & Laminate.
  • I've also included 10 black & white monthly 10-frames, so you can run them off to give to your students.
  • 20 different manipulative pieces. Print, laminate and cut out.  Store each set in a Snack Baggy.
  • A blank set of 10-frames so you can design your own, or make 20-Frames for higher number math.
  • Traceable numbers from 1-50 so students can make equations and then show their work with the manipulatives and 10-frames.
  • A page of math symbols for the + sign, - sign, & = sign.
  • A page of > < symbols.
  • A "Trace & Write" skill sheet for numbers 1-50.  As a game have students choose a number and count from there to the end.
  • Sort by 5's & 10's mats.
  • Blank addition & subtraction mats for you to fill in with your own equations.
  • 10 addition mats with equations for the fact families.
  • 21 subtraction mats +
  • 2 certificates of praise (1 for addition, 1 for subtraction.)