Classroom Freebies

100 Days With An Apple Theme

This 27 - page apple-themed packet is a fun way to count to 100-Day!
  • Poster idea
  • Certificate of praise
  • Bookmark
  • Apple-patterning skill sheet
  • Counting 100 apples and numbering them skill sheet
  • Trace and counting apples by 10's skill sheet
  • 2 What's missing? Trace and count skill sheets by 10's +
  • a blank skill sheet to fill in your own numbers.
  • Trace and count and fill in the missing numbers by 1's
  • I can count to 100 by 5's tracing skill sheet.
  • Blank counting by 5's skill sheet.
  • What's missing? Counting by 5's skill sheet.
  • Connect the dots by 5's and 10's skill sheets.
  • Happy 100-Day Apple pinch and poke.
  • Happy 100-Day apple note from your teacher and a
  • Happy 100-Day 100 apples count and color certificate