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123 Count Valentines With Me Easy Reader Math Booklet

You asked for it, you've got it! The 123 Count With Me monthly easy readers, continue to be downloaded 100's of times each day.  I had lots of requests for Valentines & Presidents, but I also threw in Dental Hygiene Stuff too.  I'll post them all today!

Practice a variety of skills and standards with this cute easy reader and fun way for your students to learn or review, write, recognize and read numbers and number words.

I've also left off end punctuation, so students can add it and cover another CCSS.
  1. Students read, trace and write the number and number word.
  2. They see a number of valentines in a sentence and say it.
  3. They spy the number in a sequence and circle it.
  4. They X-out that many boxes or use a bingo dot marker or stamp in the 10 frame. ( I encourage my students to make a color pattern.)
  5. They cut and glue the set/group to the matching numbered box. 
The packet includes:
  • 30 number and word-wall word flashcards, + number cards that count to 20.
  • Covers for the flashcards to make Itty Bitty Books
  • A + one more math skill sheet
  • 3 graphing extensions &
  • A certificate of praise.

123 Count Valentines With Me Easy Reader Math Booklet

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