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ABC Puzzle Cards

It's taken me 3 days to finish this whopping 67 page packet.  
I think you'll really enjoy it, because you can review a lot of CCSS in a variety fun ways!

The packet includes:
  • 202 alphabet puzzles! (The initial set of 26) + lots of extras for students to mix and match.
  • The 202 word cards come from word wall sight words as well as 56 from the Dolch Noun Word List.
  • Cover to make a set of cards into an Itty Bitty booklet.
  • 25 sorting mats so students can sort pictures, upper and lowercase letters, as well as words into a variety of different categories like seasons, themes, plural/singular, vowel/consonant etc.
  • Activity mat for students to put the letters in alphabetical order.
  • Activitiy mat for students to choose 12 or 20 words and organize them alphabetically
  • 3 pages of tips and games for what else to do with the cards besides use them as puzzles.
  • Uppercase letter assessment activity + recording sheet.
  • Lowercase letter assessment activity + recording sheet.
  • Letter to word assessment activity and recording sheet.
  • Letter home to parents about assessments
  • Matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters activity and recording sheet.
  • Trace and write uppercase skill sheet.
  • Trace and white lowercase skill sheet +
  • 5 different certificates of praise for students who have completed the above assessments successfully.
ABC Puzzle Cards