Classroom Freebies

FREEBIE! The Big Football Game Super Pack of Activities!

The Big Football Game is right around the corner and we have some great FREE resources that you can use in your classroom! You can access all of these great freebies by clicking here.

The first is a persuasive writing activity where the students get to design a ticket stub for the big football game and write a persuasive letter for approval from the commissioner. 

The second is a bingo activity where the students make their own bingo cards by placing the names of players and words associated with the big football game on their boards. The teacher is provided with the words to call out too!

The third is a game board that includes game cards. Simply cut out the game cards and have the students roll dice and use game markers (we use game pieces from other games) to move along the board. This is a lot of fun!

The fourth is a KWL activity where you can find out what your students know about the big football game. This can be a fun mini-research activity for some of the big football fans in the classroom!

The fifth is a pretend facebook activity where they develop a team profile page that is loads of fun!

The sixth is a geography activity where the students have to answer various map questions about the two teams involved in the big football game and where the game is being played.

Once again you can access all of these free resources by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy celebrating The Big Football Game with your class! Make sure to visit our store for more great teaching resources!