Classroom Freebies

Monthly Punctuation Paddles

These Punctuation Paddles are quick and easy to make and a super-fun way for students to review  end punctuation.

They also make a terrific whole-group assessment tool.

All 3 punctuation marks are on the Popsicle stick tri-fold paddle.

Teacher reads a card; students twirl their paddle to that punctuation mark, and hold it up, with the correct end punctuation facing forward.

Teachers can see at a glance, who does not have the correct answer and jot down notes of who needs help.

Teachers then show their students the card, and choose a child to correct the capitalization errors,  and fill in the appropriate end punctuation.

Packet includes: Directions and patterns for 10 punctuation paddles. (September through June), + 50 sentence cards.  (5 for each month.)