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My 5 Senses in February Easy Reader Booklet

A wonderful little booklet about February that covers lots of report card standards.
  • Students TRACE parts of the sentences with a highlighter and then WRITE them adding end punctuation to both.
  • They CUT and GLUE the correct picture to their booklet matching what they see, hear, taste, smell and touch during the month of February.
  • This is a nice science review of the senses.  The book also takes you through the various things a child might study/celebrate during that month: 
  • Groundhog Day, 100 Day, Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and Dental Hygiene Month so it's a nice review of the season/calendar as well. 
  • There's a "think about it..." sentence below the "cut & paste" section that has the child trace these words and then complete the sentence with something else they hear, see, taste etc.
  • which offers a nice writing extension.  Finally, on the last page, students decide which is their favorite sense.  Teachers have an opportunity to involve math as they graph their students' opinions. 
  • Once everyone has completed their booklet read it as an entire group to practice and explain concepts of print!

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